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1/48 Junkers Ju-88 A-5 (ICM) - Finished up

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Thanks a lot for the feedback!


Very nice model! I have the "D" version in the stash, so I'm also looking forward to build it. From checking the overall model, I guess it will be easier to build and nicer detailed then the old Dragon kit.


I also have the Dragon Kit.

It looks really good on the box, but the reviews... well... when it becomes a classic...




José Pedro

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Thanks a lot about excellent info !! I have Revell  Junkers Ju 88A4 project now in 1/48 scale. Here in Finland we had 24 Ju 88A 4 planes during the war . Ill must add 20 mm Mauser MG FFM gun to this plane,because i have decals for the plane where this gun was in nose.We had also planes without that Mauser gun.

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