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Mini placards and stencils?


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I was reading Wolf Buddee's excellent write up on his 1/32 Tam spit, and noticed he uses 1/48 stencil decals intended for the F4 to make up various placards and writing found in and on His spitfire. Does anyone know what decals sheet he is using for this? I would ask him directly in his spit post but being new, I can only post in this forum. Thanks in advance, Chuck.

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I don't know what he used, but there are several stencil sets out there correct for the Spitfire. Barracudacals has a few detail sets, including a cockpit set that includes specific placards. Airscale has RAF dials and a set of generic Allied stencils and placards that would work. Hobbydecal has a very nice Spitfire stencil set of dry transfers. That is in addition to decal sheets that include exterior stencils.

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