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Clear Hard-Drying Epoxy or Resin....

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I'm "filling" the 1/24 scratched Galland Panzer for a Trump Bf109G6 I am working on. I have the frame all done and am looking for a clear resin or epoxy that will dry hard enough to shape and sand.


Some thing like the navy guys use to make water I imagine....







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In 1/24th scale, couldn't you use a cut piece of hard plastic like from a CD case or something? Or go to your nearest Lowe's or Home Depot and beg for a scrap of their thinnest polycarbonate? I would think that would turn out nicer than trying to get epoxy poured with no bubbles in it and good clarity.

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Thanks Ray,


CD case plastic is about 1/3 the thickness of that armor in 1/24. Maybe I can fake it by doing the front and back as separate pieces, but I was hoping for a solid piece to get the distortion just right ;)




Still open to ideas here...

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