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Found 8 results

  1. my last built , enjoy :
  2. I have to admit picking which kit to build first for the GB was a bit tricky, but in the end, it's going to be the HK Mosquito IX/XVI with the two-stage Merlins, done up as a Mossie TT.35 target tug with bulged bomb bay doors. I have yet to decide if I will attempt to build the target winch fixture that some photos show, or if I will simply build the plane OOB and slap some bright paint on it. Either way it'll be yellow/black striped undersides with painted aluminum on top. Also undecided yet if it will be a scheme with the added dayglo stripes as seen in the image below. At this stage, the only planned aftermarket are eduard canopy masks and a zoomy cockpit PE, and Barracuda's two Mossie stencil decal sheets. The aftermarket items were ordered yesterday and won't arrive until next week, so I'll start the assembly on the wings and post photos once I get this baby on my workbench later today or tomorrow. Should be a fun one!
  3. My entry will be the new HK Do-335 H-6 night fighter kit. I am going to use the extended wing option to make a B-8 variant. Since this is a "Luftwaffe '46" topic, I can have some fun with the night fighter camo and markings. I'm using Eduard photo etch, resin tires, and a few other goodies.
  4. Planning just one here, the WNW Dambuster Lanc, sorry HK.
  5. I've heard from someone (I really don't remember who) that you are working on a corrected Meteor F.4 windshield and canopy. Is that true? It would be tremendous news, since the kit canopy is too squat and it shows... Cheers, erik.
  6. This is my HK Meteor F4 finished as VT413 of 56 squadron based at RAF Waterbeach in Cambridgeshire circa 1951. The AM bits used were the G-Force undercarriage (expensive but really worthwhile) along with the Brassin wheels, Fisher long chord nacelles to give the right shape at the front end, Profimodeller cockpit PE and Pheon decals. The trolley acc is by Iconicair. After fiddling about with two Tiger Moths for a few months (and not completing them!) this kit was a joy to build. It all went together fairly well with no major issues. I used Mr Paint white aluminium and duraluminium to get the finish that I wanted with Flory dark dirt to weather the plane in places. The sergeant ground crew figure is from the Wings Cockpit range, the pilot is adapted from a WW2 wireless operator, can't quite remember who produced it though. Hope you like it, the next Meteor will be the T7 . Max
  7. Hello - More goodies for the HK B-17 available now on my site - more on the way. AC32028 Want to add some visual impact to your HK flying fortress without the fuss or monetary outlay? R2D is offering the seat without seat belts or cushions — just the steel shell! The pressed-metal is shell faithfully recreated in resin, and is intricately designed (of course!) — accurate to the most minute detail including rivets, anchors, etc.! [click HERE to purchase our set with belts!] This is perfect for the modeler who already owns PE/fabric seat belts or prefers PE and/or Fabric belts over molded-on belts or who is doing a diorama. Note, the actual 1:1 seats also had frames or supports that raised them above the lower fuselage surface — these are not included in this update set — only the seats themselves You can use these seats in conjunction with the seat supports provided by HK in their kit(s). Set comes with 2 highly detailed seats without belt or cushion detail – but there is loads of detail on the pressed-metal shell — take a look at the pics!! Available for only $9.99 USD by clicking HERE! Not intended for modelers under the age of 13. Made in USA.
  8. I make no secret of the fact that I'm on the editorial staff over at another modelling site. Yesterday, I came home to find this in my staff mailbox: http://www.hk-models.de/p2_06.htm This ought to raise the excitement level a trifle
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