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Found 3 results

  1. Ok, I really shouldn't be starting this, what with everything else on my bench at the moment but I couldn't resist. Ignore the EJ bit on the box. It's the same inside as the regular USAF boxing but I've been able to get these for much cheaper for whatever reason. I've got a bunch of AM and I'm planning to use Speedhunter decals and various paint masks for the markings. For underwing stores, while not 100% accurate, I'm planning to hang these underneath: Yup, three SUU-23A gun pods. Carl
  2. Take a look at what i was dealing with this Fall`16!!! The newest F-4J in 1/48 is a SWS kit from Zoukei-Mura and they invited me to participate in the kit`s Concept Note. Such an honor and excitement. About the model: i built it as a typical standalone model, nothing too fancy like movable parts, only some texturising, riveting, seatbelts from paper tape, and wiring. I may forget something, but the complete build review is in the book. I`m waiting it to arrive and to see which pics are included, and plan to post here something like walkaround pics. Here are just two from top and bellow. About the airframe: VF-92 Silver Kings from the Vietnam period - with the yellow tail, heavily weathered, parked, open canopies... Now some texturising Yet in the Concept Note should be included more info (about how it looks before/after painting, which areas, etc.) and i tried to capture only the final effect as much as i can. So this is my first finished model with texturising. It`s 1/48 and the "textures" are much smaller, more subtle, and thus even invisible. Still at a certain angle... this is in dark room and with a small light pointed at a very shallow angle. I don`t know if the difference between texturising and preshading is noticeable... ... but at normal daylight the effect is basically invisible, and i weathered it quite much too, so the surfaces are not exactly glossy: Here the rivet lines of the stabilators are texturised, and it is more noticeable: Phabulous Phantom! It`s a wonderful kit... it`s just connecting parts and the joint lines disappear. The canopy is so crisp and clear, because it`s very thin. The plastic is very strange - so dry and easy for sanding, like resin. The large parts are also thin and even look brittle, but when assembled and glued - become "rock solid". This kit in a word: sophisticated.
  3. ...for USAF F-4D ca. 1966-68, SEA camouflage. Tamiya's callout is Dark Gull Gray - any other information will be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, D.B. Andrus
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