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Found 4 results

  1. In the absence of a 1/32nd scale Harvard I I decided to convert Monogram's 1/48th offering using MDC's resin bits and pieces: I'm going to finish it as one that Dad flew in 1943 in S Rhodesia, in fact I thought it could have been him leaning against the forward edge of P5976 but an enquiry to the IWM told me that this picture was taken in 1941, before he went out there.
  2. So after putting this up in the 'make others jealous' thread, it's here in non-LSP works, a shame it's not 1/32nd though?! For those that don't know, a modeller friend has given me this as he simply isn't going to finish it off, I was after a conversion and he had this part built, so after talking about it (me not knowing he had one) he brought it up that he had one and then he kindly gave me it too at the next club meeting, not wanting a penny! It's been stored somewhere between 15-20 years up in a loft and it's showing signs of being stored too, but I'm not bothered it's all easy stuff to fix, a few cracks, a wonky tail (maybe due to heat in the summer?), missing cowling flaps (have since fell off since I've had it, so I'm guessing they were knocked/caught at some point). Then the obvious, it needs a good rub down and paint along with clear parts, undercarriage, props, guns/turrets, few small details and decals. Easy eh...? We'll see. Here's some photos in the mean time as I'm away till Friday, then it's time to clear some projects off the bench to get this done and dusted.
  3. Now that my Kitty Hawk OV-10D is done, the build review is getting sent to the LSP mods, and Ive got a WIP start on my Kitty Hawk OV-10A, Im starting a 2nd active leisurely build to be displayed at my office. No super mods here, and no purchased AM for the kit of any kind. For this one, I am limiting myself to ONLY mods/AM that I already either already purchased and have on hand, or are already part of another kit, or my spares drawer. Im limiting the expenditure for this guy to the price of the kit itself. This is the most recent re-release of the Monogram Phantom Mustang, that was originally released around 1964, and most everyone has built one at one time or another including myself back in 1978, and my brother in 1967. I have quite a few mods planned but NO AMSing this one!! Im planning on using a TD pilot I had in the stash and WAS planning on using some Zotz decals I had in the stash, but am forgoing those for a paint job of my own, and since its clear, that wont even be that extensive. I also have some human eye-ball decals to use on the TD pilot, and Ill be using the wheels and tires (and maybe even gear) from my Tamiya Mustang since Ill be using G-Factor gear on that guy when the time comes. Here is a shot of the latest re-release boxing of the kit Ill be working on: The kit contents are very basic, and I will not be doing to much if any mods to these with the exception of maybe cockpit work: You also get a new bag of non crusty wires, and two new electric motors to run the gear/prop: There is just a touch of flash on some of the IM parts, but its not really a huge issue: Here you can see a couple AM things I pulled out of the stash that will be added (with the exception of the Zotz decals): The air-frame parts, while having been newly molded are from the same old raised panel line molds, which for this "office build" it wort matter much. The new molded clear is actually VERY nice and extremely clear: The scheme I have chosen is somehow quite apropos, P-51D-20-NA A/D #44-63165, of the 325th checker tails, "Double Nuthin" flown by Grant Smith: Here are a couple color shots of a 72nd scale model of Double Nuthin.....................she is quite colorful, and is a perfect scheme for a clear mustang with all the tail and wing tips painted. Ill be masking and painting all the checkers, and will try printing the decals for the "Double Nuthin"s: Well, there you have it guys! This one will be a leisurely build, with no due dates, and minimal to no AMS. Im not sure how often Ill be updating this office build with my ongoing build for Kitty Hawk, but with its more simple nature, and fun properties, I think it will be quite often I hope.
  4. AKA - Diving into the Alclad Pool.....I just hope the water is fine..... A very very generous soul here wished me an early Merry Christmas here with a package that he said needed to belong to a good Mustang home. I am very grateful and humbled. The package contained a whole slew of bits and pieces from more than a few of the old silver Monogram Mustang. In fact its so old its described as "3/8 INCH SCALE". I had never seen this kit in the flesh, though in the stash are two of the Phantom Mustang versions. Seems its the same kit minus the stand and electrical motor that goes in the engine to spin the prop....thats my guess anyway. So after digging through all the bits and sorting them I discovered it would be real easy to take some of the parts and make a quick build style Mustang. I believe there still may be enough left over to build a kit per the instructions with the working landing gear and bomb releases. So my plans for this build is an in-flight, gear-up version. I will build it sans engine as well, as the engine cowling and exhausts are already molded as part of the fuselage. There are a few complications to fix and fill because of the omitted moving parts. But the detail on the fuselage and flight surfaces seem pretty good to my eye. I dont have scale drawings as of yet, so I cant be real specific on the kits shape problems, but I will point some of the more obvious ones as I go, and also hope to point out the kits pros as well compared to some of the other Mustangs in my stash. The biggest goal of this build is a real attempt at using Alclad for its natural metal finish. After seeing WillimaJ's "THIS IS IT!" I just have to give this a go. Then take what Ive learned and transfer it to the rest of my in progress and future Mustang builds. Its sink or swim time.....and I am pretty convinced my previous theories and attempts fall short of just bucking up and using Alclad for NMF as well as that great silver lacquer finish for the wings and rudder that WilliamJ displayed. As much as I like the painting process it seems I always have issues, and I am hoping the Alclad will help with that part. Here are a few pics to get this started..... Box as received, little worse for wear, but abounds with personality and who knows, it may even be older than I.... The instructions cover page.....copyright 1962 The instructions, most of which I am ignoring on this build. But, I am impressed with the original kits engineering. A quick pic of the fuselage side and flight surfaces. A close up of some of the stuff I will have to deal with that was part of the kits movable components. I havent decided on its livery just yet, but I did just recently manage to purchase this nifty book from our very own ssculpter and maybe it will help me with a decision. I think I will be swapping in a HS Cuffed prop, certainly puttying the wings, I havent decided on exactly how much I will be doing to the cockpit, or the oil cooler exhaust duct area. I have noticed so far that the formation lights are molded on the wrong wing. It also seems the gun ports , gun and ammo doors and underwing hardpoints are molded too far outboard, and that appears to be a placement issue that starts with the landing gear pivot access panel being too outboard as well. Thanks for looking in and stay tuned for more....here we go....
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