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Found 4 results

  1. This is Phantastic news. Apart from both British Phantom aircraft variants (F-4K/M, or FG.1 and FGR.2), it looks like HKM will also be producing a new US J-79 powered variant as well. Let the good times roll! Derek
  2. Just less than a year ago, I was all set to start my next project, the HKM Meteor 4 with the Fisher Model & Pattern T7 conversion kit. I thought I'd tinker with it for a while then enter it into the Multi Engine group build. Unfortunately, real life hit hard in October last year when I took my little brother off to hospital as he looked ghastly. I quickly got the news that he had terminal cancer, so modelling got hastily put aside while I looked after him and his affairs until he passed in May. I'm still trying to wrap up his estate, but at least now I can clear the modelling desk of his affairs and take up the very welcome distraction of model building again. Life sucks at times. So here's the model, which (if I don't run out of talent ) will be converted to a Mk7 Trainer. And once again, I'll have another crack at the Profimodeller engine as I wasn't entirely happy with my previous result. There will, I hope, be 2 engines this time, so fingers crossed it all goes well. I've never done a conversion like this, so wish me luck. Cheers, Michael
  3. Hi all, I really do wish HKM had done the Do 335A-12 first, but hey ho! At least I got the chance to build two of the previous versions and I loved them. Today, I received two test shots in the mail, for the future Anteater version of the Do 335, and I'm pretty stoked. Work starts soon. The kit is pretty much the same as the fighter version, but for two different sprues. One is the grey one you see here, and of course a clear sprue (not photographed). This is only a test shot too, and some refinements need to be made to things, but it is eminently buildable, and I'll do this for Military Illustrated Modeller. Here you also see the box art that was done by some friends of mine. They are working on the decals and instructions at the moment. HK will first release the B-6 night fighter, and then it's the turn for this beauty!
  4. Hi guys and gals, You've no doubt been following Kev's excellent build of the Do 335B-2 which is soon to be released. Some of you mentioned that you were wanting to see the other versions to, such as the two seat, and the fighter without the wing cannon. Well, the 335A-0 has already landed with me here, so it looks like we should see other versions sooner, rather than later. Two new sprues are included in this kit. A clear one which has no blisters or the armoured panels, and of course a sprue with a new forward leg/wheel/mudguard, wing inserts without blisters, bomb and new instrument panel/forward gun doors.
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