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Found 5 results

  1. Hello folks, well, here I am, my first RFI thread on my first ever LSP build I used the gray and rainy sunday to finish the last details on my Arado Ar 196 B. It took me quite a while to finish, I started it last september. It has A LOT of flaws (which I have hopefully hidden well with my subar photography in my impromptu 'towel studio' ), but it looks quite nice from a meter away AM I used was the Eduard Interior Set and the HpH resin canopy. I really learned a lot on this build and sometimes even had fun between all the cussing Hope you like it! Greets, Jonas
  2. Hello folks, here comes my first WIP thread featuring Revell's Arado Ar 196 B! The Ar 196 A was the standard catapult plane of German warships during WWII and was equipped with two floats, the B version was equipped with one large central float and two small ones on the side: The set lets you build D-OVMB, which is the fourth prototype of the Ar 196, that was tested in Lubeck and Travemünde in 1938. Unfortunately, the plane crashed during a landing accident in december 1938 and was lost in an engine fire. The kit gives you a lot of options for open panels and cowls, wings can be shown in flying position or swept back, etc... Since I am relatively new to the modelling business, I will have everything closed and the wings in the forward position, as this seems the easiest. I am however using some aftermarket parts, namely the HGW seat and seatbelt set and the Eduard photoetch interior. I 'had to' (ok, I wanted to ) order the Eduard set, because I ruined the kit decal for the instrument panel and it was beyond my ability to paint it in any way that would look acceptable. The HGW set was ordererd, because the kit seats with the seatbelts moulded on joust wouldn't stand, they are hideous! Unfortunately, due to 'inexplicable reasons', the parcel with the Eduard set was sent back to the vendor TWO TIMES (thanks for nothing DHL ), so I'm still waiting on that, it should finally arrive tomorrow! I don't think that I will use all the parts as I was already quite busy painting the interior and am quite happy with how some of it turned out. We will see... So, what have I been up to? Well, mostly painting interior parts for now. Here's the cockpit floor with the two sides of the tubular steel frame: I added some wear to the cockpit floor before I realised that the aircraft was only in service for eight months before the crash and probably wasn't heavily worn, will see what I do about that (maybe they just flew A LOT during those eight months ). Here's some cockpit bits and pieces including the radio set, the HGW seats, control column and seat adjustment: And here is proof that the kit seat really is not the way to go and that the 12 Euros for the HGW set are a good investment: Closeup of the radio set (have to admit that I'm a bit proud of how that turned out ): Another thing that I've nearly completed is the engine, a very nice little kit all in itself: I hollowed out the air intakes and the exhaust tips with a drill bit and a knife. All that's left to do here is to weather it a bit (oil wash and some light chipping on the crankcase) and to find some sort of mesh to cover the air intakes. Those sould normally be linked by some kind of actuator rod for a flap inside the intakes, but the intakes are too short and hence there isn't enough space to replicate that... I do have one question, hopefully there is some expert on board that can answer it: The HGW set features a third resin piece that I can't make sense of: There isn't any kit part that looks remotely like it and it is not mentioned in the instructions. Does anyone have any idea what that's supposed to be? If not, it just goes in the spare box to probably never be looked at again. That's all for now, thanks for your attention! Greets, Jonas Edit: The images seem rather big, shall I further reduce the size in future posts?
  3. Hello All, according to Special Hobby's CEO, they have started to consider Ar-96... Source is http://ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=12168, use google translate, comment #8410.
  4. Kevin's ace review of the Revell 'single float' Ar196B has prompted me to post a couple of images of yet another project I have running at the moment - almost ready for paint: Odd choice of subject, as Kev mentions in his review, but quite charismatic... This is being built straight from the box. Iain
  5. So I'm in with the Fly kit of the Arado. One of the kit marking options is for one in RAE markings. As luck would have it, I hava a Cutting Edge decal sheet in the stash which has the markings for the aircraft flown by then Lt Cmdr Brown. Since the roundels and fin flash are already in the kit for a slightly different version, I just needed the yellow P emblem so the plan is to use one from the Meng Me 163 kit. That about covers it for now. I'll probably start working on it later this week. Carl
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