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Found 4 results

  1. OK - want an excuse to build this - I have a hellcat (trump) and 2xTamy corsairs (all already on show here), but this is stinking up my stash... I want to build it 'in flight' mode using the 'blur blades' and using the Tamiya pilot and stand. That way I don't need to worry too much about the cockpit, and tires... ;-) Also experimenting for the first time with paining masks from Montex - this is my first GB or Build on LSP - so be kind ;-)
  2. hello, my last built, enjoy : voila voila
  3. I just thought I would post a mini review of the new Eduard Look 634002 F4U-1A Panel. I saw this available a few weeks ago and ordered one for possible use in my Tamiya F4U-1A. My first impression is that the variety of media used is impressive, the gauges are clearly printed, it seems to be in register. The black panel plastic is nicely finished and not rough or flawed in any way. The lens covers are nice and shiny. And finally the detailed is nice and 3D looking, certainly better than the PE versions. The seat belts, are nice for PE, but look overdone, the stitching looks large, perhaps a good dust coat or weathering will improve them. They can be used for a quick build, but I doubt anyone doing a super detailed build will use them. I do recommend spraying them with a thinned dust coat to blend them a bit. So, this makes my opinion of it tough to nail down. I think with the F4U-1A, the parts Tamiya supplies actually make a very nice panel. I think where this one has an advantage is 1. labor saving, you are definitely saving time by having it built for you. 2. The clear and shallower lenses in the panel are much shallower than the Tamiya piece, which makes it easier to see the gauges from outside the cockpit. So, now the bad...as nice as it is, it still has a plastic, unpainted, look to it, maybe a dullcoat and some weathering will improve the look a bit. Conclusion, this is the nicest aftermarket panel besides Yahu, which in my mind still look nicer, but don't have as much 3-d effect to them. Its a tough call, in my personal opinion, having recently built the -1D, i dont think Tamiya Corsair needs this, as its only a marginal improvement. I will use it, mainly because I bought it already. Where I think this concept shines is for Hasegawa and Revell models that only give you a decal. For my next Revell Mustang or Hasegawa FW-190, I will definitely order one of each. I like the concept.
  4. Hi, guys. I've posted a few times here, but never shared any LSP works. Truth is, I've been kinda disappointed in my efforts with them and haven't had anything I really felt like sharing. In just the last year, I've made the jump into 1/32 A/C from the realm of strictly 1/35 armor. I feel like a lot of the processes used to paint and weather armor just don't seem to work all that well with LSPs. Anyway, I went for a fairly clean attempt at the Corsair on this. I ran into some problems with the decals silvering really badly due to a poor clear gloss that I laid down. So, after sanding them off to remove them, then affixing all the rest, I was kind of ready to complete this one and get it off the bench. So, not a whole lot of weathering happened beyond some basic silver pencil chipping, exhaust and gun smoke staining, and a wash. That's also why it's kind of a conglomeration of two different decal schemes. All that said, it's no match for some of the stuff I see posted here, but any C&C is welcome. be gentle!
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