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Found 3 results

  1. So in keeping with the GB's theme I've going along with a duel build/s. First up is Revell's Spitfire IXc along with the normal am etc. I'm attempting to build it as a little dio as per these photo's I have a resin pilot thats pretty close to the first photo and should work well? Its also a chance to have the flaps down and displayed and I have a set in the stash! It also helps that I wont have to worry about the undercarriage, which is my least liked job of any build For my second build its Hasegawa's Fw 190A-8 again with a bundle of am. for this one it will be a scheme I found on an aeromaster sheet in 48th, and found reference (although no actual photos exist) in Luftwaffe's last hope book (along with the Spit). Again this was a downed plane so may well do another little dio. Yesterday I started on the pe for the flaps... 3 hours work but looking good? Aaron
  2. finaly after years i have finnishd a model The tamiya birdcage what i have used the two sets from brassin seatbelts from HGW decals for the pit from barracuda it whas a great build and whas going fast only two months for this on enjoy the pics Thanks to you all how folowd the build and gave me advice Mark
  3. Even though I'm pretty much a WW2 freak, I've always had a fascination with Migs. In particular, the cold war era jets. I've sworn to myself that I'm going to build at least one of all the main Mig jet designs at some point and probably multiples of several different types. I'm also really a large scale guy, but the buzz and feedback surrounding the Eduard 1/72 scale kit really got my attention. I had pretty much sworn off this tiny scale, years ago. However, in the last year or so, I've seen several builds of Eduard's series of kits and decided that I had to have one. The clincher was when John (Thunnus) posted his magnificent build of this kit, here on the Non-LSP forum. Coincidentally, I had been watching a Profipack kit of the 15bis on Ebay that also included the Brassin cockpit and speed brake sets, all for the price of the kit alone. I took it as a sign from above to go ahead and get it and it arrived this morning. Aside from just being a cool little kit, this build will also serve a couple of other purposes. I'm going to do it in a natural metal finish. I've been playing with a couple of test parts shot with Testors Metalizer buffable paint from the rattle can. I've used this paint before for NMFs and really do like it. However, it's a delicate affair and very easy to mess up. Being that I've also been learning to use oil paints for weathering over the last couple years, I wanted to see if I could pull this off without messing up the NMF too bad, especially on a more expensive kit. All of this testing is in preparation for an Eduard 1/48 scale Mirage IIICJ kit that I also plan on doing in NMF. I toyed around with the idea of doing that one in aluminum foil, but have come to the conclusion that a complete foil job may just have to wait for a while and will most likely be reserved for something in my preferred 1/32 scale (like another Mirage, or a Mig 21...or two...or five!). So, for now, it's baby steps with a "baby" of a kit. I forgot just how tiny 1/72 scale is (especially PE cockpit parts!) until I opened this box! The last purpose of this build will be sort of a kick-start to my mojo. I have a 1/32 scale F3F biplane build on the bench right now, but I'm just not feelin' it and I feel a bit rusty after not really completing much over the last year. So, the Mig has my attention and my passion flowing. I'm going to run with that while I'm in the mood. This is the scheme I will be doing. It's a North Korean bird that was put back into VVS service and markings, which were just painted over the previous users insignia/numbers. The NK decals are fully opaque and it's been recommended to mist silver paint over them or, as one other builder did in an article I found on the web, to carefully sand back some of the color on the decals before applying them, giving them a faded look. While I'm sure I could accomplish either (but would prefer the latter after seeing the other builder's excellent results), I'm really leaning towards the idea of just using the North Korean markings, as it would have appeared before being remarked with the Soviet stars/numbers. I want this to be more of an "anonymous" looking North Korean example, if you get what I mean. So, I'm hoping to dive into this over the weekend. I will probably even get started today. I wanted this to just be a quick, possibly even "weekend" build. However, the PE and resin parts are going to require a lot more attention and this kit really deserves it, in my opinion. It's really a gem. I've decided to pass on using the Brassin brakes, as it would require some surgery and I prefer the "cleaned up" look, anyway. I do have the Master barrel set on order and it should be here next week. Wish me luck. I'm goin' in! John
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