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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, everyone. This is my completed vignette that I’m calling, “The Avengers of Guadalcanal.” During the long, grueling campaign for the Solomon Islands, Allied and Japanese forces threw themselves at each other for months. Pitched night naval battles, furious aerial melees, and bitter ground combat were the brutal hallmarks of what I feel was truly the turning point in the Pacific War. By November 1942, American forces were desperately holding on to Henderson Field on Guadalcanal in an effort to keep the Cactus Air Force flying. One of the many units fed into the grinder w
  2. Hi, guys. For my next project, I'm looking to turn Trumpeter's TBF-1C Avenger kit into a rough approximation of this: Full size photo here. Not withstanding the fact that this may actually be a TBF-1 and not a -1C (though I think I see the C's leading edge gun port), the Trumpeter kit will get me close enough for artistic license. Besides, I know 1Cs served at Henderson at some point. Anyway, I love this pic. The earlier insignias, the stained prop, the two-tone prop tips, the bald tires, the leading edges of the landing gear covered in god-knows-what..
  3. Hi folks, need your help. I am going to proceed with my Avenger soon and am scanning some reference photos. On several ones I saw these bright spots on the wing roots. Now, my question is, is this bare metal and/or primer? And if primer, then what color? I found enough reference for the color inside the cockpit, cowling, wheel well (see ipms Stockholm page). But I can´t find any hint what primer color those early TBF had on the rest of the fuselage. Maybe one of the experts here has some info for me. Dirk
  4. Well it seems like i have not done a WIP for years , so heres one from me. This is my all time favourite kit. The 1/32 TBF-1C Avenger from Trumpeter. Its a great kit crammed with detail. I have built a few of these in the past so i am going with RNZAF Avenger "Plonky". The build will be mostly OOB. Heres my progress so far. I have assembled the interior. The forward section is my own mix of greens to get the bronze green colour , the rest of the interior is again my own mix of interior green. Everything fits great. I decided to go with the HGW belts. There is not a set for the Avenger so i w
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