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Found 7 results

  1. Trumpeter A-7E Corsair II Aires resin cockpit, gear bays, avionics and electronics bays, Zacto correction for the intake lip, Reskit tail correction with tailpipe, wheels and weapons pylons and weapons. lastly CAM decals everything worked as advertised although the decals gave me some trouble. Painted with Mr Hobby lacquers, Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics. Thanks for looking
  2. I'm back, and hopefully not with another kit that ends up on the shelf of doom. This is a bird that I've been interested in for a very long time, having read Termite Hill and Lucky's Bridge by Tom Wilson years ago, both of which focused on the Thud. I've also recently read Hunter Killers by Dan Hampton about the creation of the Wild Weasels, all of which I recommend for some background info on the F-105 and it's uses. So, after nothing was fitting on the T-28C/D Trojan I'd been working on, and the lack of interest in the plane as well, it's ended up boxed at this point, sitting on the shelf for (hopefully) another rematch someday. Now I've got the F-105G, and a bit of aftermarket, to make some winter time building. Now, the first thing.....this thing is HUGE compared to the other 1/32 kits I've built. It'll dwarf my Corsair and Dauntless, whenever it ends up in the display cabinet. I've picked up a few bits of aftermarket, with the Quintas Studio's cockpit the one I'm most interested in trying. I'm going to see what I can do to combine this with the Aires cockpit, Eduard PE and the kit parts. We'll see how well that works! I also have GT Resin's update set for the Wild Weasel, with a new nose, vertical stabilizer, engine, etc. New resin wheels/tires and also a nice turned metal nose probe to top things off. I'll also probably be needing to find some metal landing gear, as all of this is going to get heavy, plus adding additional weight to the nose to keep this from turning into a tail sitter. Special thanks to @Dragon for sending me some decals a while back that will get used in this build! And....finally, I also picked up something for later, Randy Coopers Blade Runner 2049 Spinner. This will be a challenge, as I've never tackled a full resin kit!
  3. Hello all. With an IRAF- F-4D Phantom II in the make, a kit for a group build, which does not come off, my modeling mojo is really rising with this Revell Boxing of a GAF F-4F Phantom II. Purchase of the kit was real cool and cheap, just before Covid-19 crisis broke all supply chains, I managed to collect my aftermarket stuff, just in time . After some comparison with a Tamiya F-4EJ, a lot of detail is somewhat copied to enhance the Revell kit's detail. Legend cockpit is not perfect, but it gives a good overall presentation. I really admire the Cockpit Guru's, way beyond my skills(so far, that I'm learning a lot). Changed the setting of the RIO's Dash. Still in process, pictures come later. I decided to glue as much as possible to build up a good base to work with. Fit is just excellent! For the wings I cut out the Flaps and will replace them with Tamiya parts. I glued the wings and fuselage after that, to leave it for almost a week. Wings got some superglue for filling possible gaps on the leading edge(from the inside). Came out perfect. Cockpit not finished yet, more details to add. Wheel well at the front is almost done, needs the landing gear and some extra wiring, coming from the gear. Rendition of the extra details I added to my Tamiya F-4EJ, which is also on the table. Difference is the shallow well Revell provides. Adjusting sizes results to this, happy with it. Another, not really sharp shot, of a Saturday morning built. Not the Cockpit Guru, but I'm happy with the RIO part of the pit. Screen has the typical Octa shape. Not very clear now, after some color modulation it will show up I hope. Size, shape and colors of the switches is a quest, happy with it(so far) Might change some sizes though, we will see. Some detail is just too big, down size the styrene will improve it I hope. The Nose Job. Oh my God... There goes another one... Well, this one was a real joy to do. Used AMS corrected Nose for this kit. Waku Waku!!! (Ak ow heb, dan zak ow) Glued with 4 Minute Epoxy, done in a Jiffy. Really Happy Me. Needs some work, re-scribing after sanding, etc. Shape is just very ok. Long Nose Phantom II, I dig it. Only minor corrections to be made with some filling, panel lines and rivets. Next... Moving surfaces, Intakes, Splitter plates... Glued in place, taking care not to interfere with future build steps on this part of the kit. But no problem, fixed it and. already sprayed with Mr. Color white Base. Smooth...as silk. Splitter plates dry fitted. Looks the part. The canon muzzle and looks. A bit rough. You can see there is some work left on the underside of the nose. Gun muzzle is glued and in position, as from my references, with a little kink. All to set now and let it dry. Will continue during the week with little jobs, like the main landing gear,( almost finished), Nose gear is still a work in progress, not happy with the size and shape of gear, plus I want thew wheels turned to left direction Hope you all like it so far. To be continued... Robert Jan
  4. I'm hoping to get a start on this, hopefully this coming week and have it done for the group build deadline...nothing like a late start hey?! The armload of accessories My (hopefully) chosen color scheme I'm not sure what all it needs for improvements but I guess I'll burn that bridge as I cross it.
  5. And so it begins! A lot of things have been written about the Harrier series of kits from Trumpeter, and to be honest, a lot of folks have either been scared away from the kit because of a few minor shape issues and the somewhat negative reviews that came out just after its release, and you dont see a ton of them built as a result. The good news is that most of what needs to be "fixed" can be done so without a huge drama post condemning the kit and curse words flying across one's model bench onto the internet. Yes, this will require modeling skill, not just aftermarket, but anybody who has worked with plastic, putty and glue a while should be able to do this. I hope to show that with a bit of work, This can be a really great model. I have spent the better part of 3 weeks in my spare time collecting references, reading build logs all over the internet and watching video of the real aircraft from as many angles as I can. I dont know why, but doing this programs my mind to look for things that are not correct as far as the lines of the "model" aircraft when dry fitting, assembling and painting. It also helps to know that LSP'rs are around and lots of you like to help, so If I'm missing something I will ask for help, count on it! I will be using the following : Trumpeter kit 02286 Harrier II + Aires cockpit set 2171 Aires wheel bays 2116 Eduard photo etch for the exterior 32262 Wolfpack models corrected Air scoops 32061 I will possibly still pick up a vinyl det cord for the canopy and still need some decals. So far I've opened all of the boxes, the kit is fine some of the Aires is broken already, not hard to fix but I wish they would work on their packaging some times. I am currently cleaning up the cockpit resin since that's where I will start. Here is a pic of the whole lot, I just got the Harrier in a trade this morning! Thanks again to Jan and Ernst More as soon as I have something to show, Paul Lets Fly!
  6. Alright so some of you folks have been very non observant.. over two weeks ago I changed my airplane pic in my sig.. then last week I changed my personal pic to the 90thTFS "pair o dice" logo.. then Ernie did, and THEN some of you guys noticed... Well, here we are. So here is what we are doing! A brief background to the 90th in Vietnam: The Squadron we chose to represent in the Group Build is the 90th Tactical Fighter Squadron. The 90th Was Assigned to the 3rd Fighter Wing on 9 June 1964 and Flew the Hun from 9 June 64 to 19 November 1965 from Bien Hoa From 3 February though the 10th of May 1965 the unit was detached. From 3 February 66 through 31 Oct 1970 the unit flew from Bein Hoa and conducted the large proportion of its strike and interdiction work over South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Ernie and I will be doing a first ever Buddy Build in a Group Build of the same kit, same materials same squadron of the F-100 D Super Saber. Trumpy Kit, Aires Super Set , LOTS of AMS Parts, Quickboost Refueling probe ,Zacto nose, Master pPitot tube etc etc custom art/ masks decals. You guys kick back and relax.. we got this! Now that Ernie has gotten all but his IFR probe we can get going.. Wish us luck folks.. Paul
  7. Well here we are. Just a while ago this GB was nothing more then an idea.. a dream. My first project will be Trumpeter's A-4F. I bought the following additions for it and plan to use them all. Aires Resin cockpit set AMS Resin Corrected Air Intakes Eduard Slats and Vortex generator parts CAM Decals for VA 212 I will most likely do my own landing gear bay details when I wire and plumb the landing gear on the scooter. I will also use Harold's New MK 82 snake eye bombs and Paul Fisher's Zuni Rockets. Here is the prerequisite first day shot, taken early this morning before I went to bed.5/1/2014 I am looking forward to watching all the great builds, and thank you all for joining in! Paul
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