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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there! We've got a special offer for you! www.ProperPlane.com
  2. Hi all and a Happy New year to you all. Yes I am still alive although it was a rough 3 and a half weeks leading up to Christmas culminating in my spending 6 and a half hours in the Emergency department of the local hospital getting a CT scan of my Brain due to intense stabbing pains! Well two items of good news - 1. They found my brain, 2. no problems - turns out that the nausea, dizziness, headaches, diarrhea and then stabbing pains all down to one thing - reaction to a opiate based medication doctor had prescribed for my bad knee 4 weeks ago. I stopped taking it - no more symptoms! As
  3. Here we go, fun build of the Italeri rebox of the 1992 Hobbycraft kit, using decals from Kevin (thanks!!). Built for one of my club members who is doing a lot of WWI events. Billy Bishop was the leading Canadian ace of WWI, a pilot of remarkable skill, and usually went hunting solo. Not much was done on these undersides, but the topsides are weathered to knock down the shine. I need to learn how to do props better. Getting there! Seat is actually painted paper towel. The pattern seemed to fit pretty well. Close up view of the top wing weathering
  4. http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f145/Joe_Zappa/IMG_0151_zpsdtbb0qq7.jpeg Since I have only a very small space to work in, and the fact that some friends have gotten my into playing Wings of Glory (combat wargame using 1/144 scale aircraft models).... I decided it was time to order one of my favorites from Shapeways. The model should be here by the end of the week, along with a pair of RAF Fe2b models. This will be a fun foray into 3d printed models - I ordered them in the White Flexible material and not the Ultra detail for a couple of reasons. 1) Since they will used and h
  5. I'm working on a WWI Roden Fokker Dr I with the olive streaked camouflage. I've exceeded the picture limit for a message so apologies for having to cut some photos. This is my first try at this, and instead of using oils, I'm using acrylic water colors over a base of Model Master Acryl, which is over a primer base of Vallejo white primer. Here is the palette: The fan brush didn't work for me so I substituted a 1/4 flat brush. The Burnt Umber really dominated the Olive so when using to try and get a darker olive, use sparingly... I ended up using the middle and right bl
  6. More building to support the WWI anniversary. Beginning to love these 1/72 kits as they are quick builds and I like the wide range of colors to play with. I am a LITTLE over the top on the colors but hey, why not! I'm already pretty well started but here is the update. Fuselage decals tomorrow I hope. These are fun kits. Chris
  7. Ran across this short video on YouTube.....it really is a very nice SPAD replica in the markings of Francesco Baracca......😊 Joe66
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