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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks, I hesitated a long time before posting this thread. I’ve a quite weird modelling practice that is not really compatible with WIP threads as I love working on multiple projects over years. I’m moving from one to another one and come back later. Moreover, in spite of the fact I’ve two SLR digital cameras and various lenses, I do not really use them that much anymore as it is quite time-consuming to prepare everything (batteries, lenses, support, etc.). So, taking pictures is not that easy and finally I’m simply using my mobile camera most of the time! However, this lockdown period changed the way I’m working. I never worked so much on a kit in what I consider to be a short amount of time. I thought about putting that thread in the Cold War group build but as we are now quite close to the end, this makes more sense to be located in the general WIP forum. Why an early MiG-27? Well, when I was a teenager, I received the Hasegawa 1/72 MiG-27 and I was immediately attracted by her mud-mover badass look! To me few jets have this brute stance. One major exception is another of my old favorites: the BAC Jaguar. Alas, this is another missing link in large scale. I was hooked and when the Trumpeter MiG-23 was released, I immediately hoped the 27 would follow… but it never came…! So, for quite some time, I hesitated before purchasing the LEM-Ruporator kit even if this was the only existing option. This was their very first 1/32 model, it had quite mixed reviews on the web and the shapes looked suspect to me. However, the casting looked incredible. Finally, this project became far more complicated than initially foreseen. The ones who know me will not be surprised seeing another Frankenstein creature developed in my laboratory ;-) Now, take a deep breath before reading the following posts!
  2. Hello! Another recent release on RESIN2detail.com -- this is a set of main wheels for the late-mark Spitfire which has three spokes, as opposed to the more commonly seen 4-spoke variant. The tread is the box-type and is finely and delicately replicated on the outer surface. The side walls have the Dunlop manufacturer label and the rims are separate from the tire to facilitate easier painting. The rear rims have the air hose stub. Available for purchase on my site for only $6.49 USD per set (plus shipping), by clicking HERE!
  3. Hello! New arrival on RESIN2detail.com -- Su-25 "Frogfoot" wheel Superdetail set (for Trumpeter kit). Set features 10 highly-detailed resin parts -- 2 main wheels, 2 Main Wheel front hubs, 2 Main Wheel rear hubs, Front Wheel, Front wheel Front Hub, Front Wheel Rear Hub, and Front Wheel Mud Guard along with an instruction guide. Tires are textured in full relief to show markings and ribs on sidewalls. Separate hubs help to facilitate easier painting, as standard with nearly all of our wheel sets. The set is for sale on my site for only $8.49 USD plus shipping -- click HERE to purchase!
  4. Howdy Gang, I'm thinking about building a postwar Me-262. I found a well done profile. I like it, but I think it is inaccurate. Is anyone aware of a blue Soviet Me-262? I'm sure the green profile is closer to the truth. Thanks! Brent
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