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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all. I have been searching the interweb for details of P-38 drop tanks. In particular, the shakles without the tanks, after the tanks have been jettisoned. The tanks appear to be mounted on a pedestal, that I suppose remained on the wing. The details I am searching for would be the detail of the remaining pedestal. Any help would be appreciated...thanks.
  2. I am a long time avid viewer, but new member with LSP. This is my first post on any website. Hope I have done this correctly. Currently in the middle of backdating Trumpy P-38 to build Miss Virginia, the plane Barber used to shoot down the Betty carrying Yamamoto. My intention is to show the plane just after landing, with the landing gear high to represent empty fuel cells, spent ammo, etc. The plane used the 2 external tanks to make this long interception. My question is this, wouldn't these tanks have been jettisoned before the engagement, and therefore would not be on the plane upon landing. What do you all think. Thanks for input...Bob.
  3. Hi guys! From my research for another string, I stumbled across what may be the most comprehensive source I have seen yet! http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/01/stuff_eng_interior_colours_us.htm Enjoy
  4. Here are some of the other pictures from the Open House. If anyone is interested in a weathered P-61 or P-38, let me know, I have a lot more. Enjoy! Most worn Catalina I have ever seen. Will have to find the backstory to this aircraft. Well worn P-38 - I have a lot more pictures of this bird as well. Non-warbird - didn't see action in WWII. Was mothballed, then pulled back into service by NOAA for hurricane testing (needing props for that work, not jets) and this is the high altitude version of the P-61. The weathering is rather interesting - all over, except the radome in the nose. Yes, it is as big as it looks! Cheers, folks! Chris
  5. In 1947, civil war looked imminent in Paraguay. President Higinio Morinigo sensed rebellion in the air and thus decided to bolster his air arm, as this consisted mostly of WW2 unarmed training aircraft. Open Civil War broke out on March 7th 1947, by this time a dozen surplus P-38J's with mercenary pilots and ground crew recruited in the US were on their way. Most of the former Paraguayan air force sided with the Communist rebels, but the hastily repainted P-38's served pro government forces well, shooting down most of the rebellions aircraft, while carrying out bombing and strafing runs on insurgent positions. By August 20th the rebellion had been violently put down. This kit is the old 1970's Revell mold. It's not a great model, I started it as just something to tinker on between projects and it had been sitting 95% complete for the last month. I did plan on doing a Cuban machine, but I decided against using a nice decal sheet on what is a pretty poor model. Thus, I invented this little story. The P-38 did not see action in the Paraguayan Civil War.
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