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Found 5 results

  1. I spend much of today at the Udvar Hazy open house and it was terrific. I thought I would post some pictures I took in case anyone is modeling a couple of the more unusual subjects. I've barely touched up these photos so if you are REALLY interested, let me know and I can send you the RAW files, or clean them up a bit. Here is the link to my ImageShack folder for the Me 163 . Enjoy! Chris
  2. This will be my diorama entry for the 2017 US NATs. I have never entered a diorama in any contest ever. "Die Bergung" translates to "The Recovery". Which this is..................Ive wanted to do this one for QUITE some years now, but up until last year I did not have all the pieces of the puzzle so-to-speak, thus the dio had to wait until I had a (preferably) IM version of what I needed. I initially purchased some card/paper models as a sub, but as it was not IM plastic the desire to start the project was diminished. Having finished up my last commission build for a while, I wanted to start on something unique, different, and a bit more involved.........but mainly something for ME. In this case, this dio idea I had, fits all those bills, and thanks to Profimodeller, I finally had all of the IM pieces of this diorama fall into place as well. Since I wanted to enter the dio class for the US NATs next year, + the fact that scalewarship.com has still not come out with all the pieces to start my Fly Wessex, I figured this would be as good as time as any to start this diorama. It will consist of a Scheuch Schlepper tractor & Hydraulisch Anhänger backing up in process to recover a recently landed Me-163 from 2/JG400, a small two man recovery crew, an Me-163 pilot walking back from his rocket plane, all on a custom made grass board. As customary with anyone who knows my builds, I like to do the prototypical WIP start and show some pics of what I am starting off with. Here is an overall pic of the main components of the build: First up of coarse is the Komet. I chose the Meng kit, as I am not fond of rescribing, and the other niggles of the kit I can work around. Next up, are the other two main components of the diorama, The Scheuch Schlepper and the Hydraulisch Anhänger. Both are from from Profimodeller, and replace the Orlik paper Schlepper and Anhänger I initially was planning on using. Both are REALLY nice little kits, and are highly detailed. Im no expert on either vehicle, but they look good from some of the original grainy B&W combat photos I have seen, and will fit the bill nicely for what I want to do here: Next is the lovely set of decals from Rocketeer that are currently sold out. Although Im thinking of saving having to cut up the sheet for just a few decals, and making my own in combination with the kit decals (If anyone is interested in this untouched set of sold out decals, I would only ask to get my money back out of them + shipping): Next up is the Aires Me-163 cockpit set, which is quite lovely for sure, and one of the most unique parts of the build, some really awesome resin 2/JG400 badges w/Oracal 810 masks for the dio base thanks to Mikkel AKA Mebo here on LSP: Last up is the "Boarding Preparation Set" from Zoukei-Mura that I intend on modifying to suite my needs. This is technically for the Kettenkrad, but after I modify them, they should work with the Schlepper nicely. Then there is the walking Me-163 rocket pilot from Retro-kit, also a nice bit of molding, and saves me from having to re-create the Komet pilots chemically resistant flight suite. There is also the Me-163B one piece canopy and mask set from Alley Cat: I will be putting lots of my own mods into this one, some to correct and others to enhance. I plan on making my own decals for Werke # 191904 as it appeared in early/to mid 1945, as apposed to when I was captured by the Allies later in 1945 (minus the "1" as most evidence I have in this scheme, there seems to be no # at all behind the Balkenkreuz on the fuselage ). I will also be going with a more defined hard side mottling as you see below, as opposed to the less defined more soft edge mottling. It may or may not be accurate, but I like the look a lot better, and think it will add to the overall visual impact of the diorama: Thats it for the start of this one guys. It took me SEVERAL hours to clean and clear the bench after my last couple of commission builds. In this case I think its going to feel really great to not only work on some scenics with a few different models, but also to be able to do some custom non-OOB stuff, as well as being able to actually keep the damn thing at the end of it all! I dont build quite as fast in the summer months, so Im not entirely sure how fast this one will go, but I know Im looking forward to it. Thanks for stopping in on me, and I hope you'll be around for the ride. I hope to have some starting progress soon. Cheers,
  3. I already had the kit. I made a deal for a conversion (thanks Rick!). Now I'm ready to get to work. Disaster strikes! The conversion tells me the rearview windows on the Me-163 were solid panels. However, all my refs CLEARLY (get it?) show windows in the back. The conversion doesn't allow for this. So, I can make the model as is. Just fill in the back windows. Nobody will know, right? Or, I can scratch build a new rear section for the Me-163S. Looks like I'll be firing up the vac-form table... Last ditch: has anyone ever seen photographic evidence of the Me-163S with no back windows?
  4. A few weeks ago I had completed and posted my Meng Me 163B Komet (RFI here), which I had finished all buttoned up. During construction, and despite the fact that it would never be seen again once I closed the fuselage, I nonetheless painted and assembled the nifty little rocket engine: As you can see, it builds up into an impressive little model in its own right, so I contacted Meng to see if I could get another motor to display along side the finished model. For the price of the postage, they kindly provided me with the relevant sprues. This time I decided to add a bunch of extra detail from brass rod, solder wire, and nuts and washers punched from sheet styrene, for example: And here's the final result: Just for fun, a stereogram. Cross your eyes such that your left eye is looking at the right hand image and vice-versa, and then try to bring it into focus. Cheers, Tony
  5. Hi all, I've posted this over on Hyperscale too, so please forgive the duplication if any of you have already seen it. I've been plugging away at Meng's nifty little 1/32 Me 163B Komet for a while now and I'm just about ready to button up the fuselage. I'm planning to do it all closed up, so all of that lovely fuselage interior and engine detail will be forever hidden. I had every intention of doing it OOB, or nearly so, but I turned up a crap ton of excellent cockpit reference photos on the web and I just couldn't help myself. So I added a bunch of plumbing, wiring and control linkages to the cockpit, along with HGW's awesome textile belts and a headrest from Milliput. The instruments are Airscale decals with epoxy glue for the glass. The kit engine is a little jewel and just cried out to be painted and weathered despite the fact that I'll be locking it away inside the fuselage. I haven't done too much extra work to the engine aside from replacing the kit plumbing with solder and brass rod, mainly because it was easier to do so rather than trying to clean up the oh-so-delicate kit parts. I've actually obtained another engine sprue from Meng which I plan to detail further (again, heaps of great reference pics available online) and display along side the finished model. I've been having a tough time getting the innards to fit properly between the fuselage halves. I've deviated from the instructions and have joined the fore and aft fuselage pieces and attached the wings before joining the fuselage halves together. There's a lot of stuff that has to line up very precisely and any tolerance stacking can throw it off. I've been dry fitting to identify where things interfere and then Dremeling to create clearances. I've not read of any significant fit issues in any other online builds or reviews, so I suspect that my issues are somewhat self-imposed. Questions and constructive criticism are more than welcome Anyhoo, the pics: Cheers, Tony Bell
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