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  1. Hi, there is a set for the PCM kit available from PAC models, there are also 20mm cannon blisters available from them... The bad thing is that the L.G. is not in stock right now, they said 3 weeks at least... regards, Rivas
  2. Thanks for the pointers! Great idea the Tamiya tape tip, that was pretty clever! I saw that the stacks were different, just hoping that diferences were more due to moulding than other factors, though Radubs stacks are perfect with just a bit of cleaning and drilling it was just me being a bit lazy..! Thank's a lot for sharing the pictures of your project, the wheel well area has been partucularly helpfull at least for me! A. Rivas
  3. A copule of questions if i may..? Hi, I've been following with great interest this thread as I'm doing this conversion, although somewhat behind you so I can learn from the difficulties you may find... I've already done some cutting in the fuselage but would like to know about the cut for the retracting tailwheel, how far from the trailing edge did you made this cut? although the instructions show the dimensions they could be a bit clearer with the location..! Also, are you using the conversion exhaust stacks or the ones provided with the kit? On my sample the ones that come with the conversion are ok but the ones included with the PCM kit look better. I also noted that the detail on the upper wing doesn't match with the resin wells, but from your pictures it seems I got a little carried away sanding the casting blocks..! Your model is looking great! A. Rivas
  4. Great! just let me know the details (for paypal please!?) either by PM or this thread! Thanks a lot for the effort! Rivas
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