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  1. Some great info there guys, looks like its going to take abit of research and obtaning the correct parts. I think my first port of call will be getting a Revell F-4E and the SAM publication on the USAF F-4's, I think i'm defo going to have ago at this, I'm a RAF Spey engined fan at heart but the F-4G is a close second at it seems like an easyier conversion than the FGR2 !
  2. Scotsman. Thanks for the reply your imformation will come in very usefull.
  3. I'm wanting to build a 1:32 F-4G, mainly in the lizard one camo that they would have worn during the 1980's. Been no expert on 1:32 Phatoms could anyone tell me what would be the best kit to start with and where I may get hold of a conversion set? Many thanks, nick
  4. No way are they models!!! they are just stunning mate really are, Great Great work, reminds me of my days waving aircraft into Finningley the friday before the airshow!
  5. Yes you are right, DOH! what would be the best way of converting the VB wing into either a C or E wing, I presume the cannon bulges would be the main problem for either wing, swapping the guns round for the E wing wouldnt be too difficult
  6. Would it be best not use the Airfix Mk 5 as there are already cannon bulges for the C'type wing?
  7. Thanks for the reply, looks like it could be a good conversion, I think a 1:24 MKIX would look superb!
  8. I was just wondering if any one new of any 1:24 conversions for the Airfix Spitifre 1 and 5's, basic idea is converting to IX merlin or evern any Griffon powered spitfre. Cheers, nick
  9. I've been looking for a way to do my revell beaufighter instrument panel dials but due to my lack of experience i'm stuck Taken a look on the Hannants website and found some german instrument bezels but no British WW2 ones, any ideas would be welcome thanks, nick
  10. Derek I think your ideas are very good, the beau has to be one of the most complicated two seat twins on the market at the mo in terms of the mass of detail that can be added, I started the beau many months ago but due to the birth of my daughter it has been put to one side until now, I did post this topic a while ago and Loic replyed with pictures of his beau which was very impressive. I'm currently scractch building the cockpit, or trying to! I wouild be willing to pay for a extensive detailing set as I think the priced coupled to the actual price of the kit would work out possibly near what you would pay for tamigawa or trump kit anyway. My main point of reference for my detailing is the SAM publication on the Beaufighter. Do you have pics you could post of what you have achieved so far Derek with you beau? My main sticking points are going to be the wheel well and how to build these yet retain enough space for the electric motors which will power the hercules engines. Cheers, nick from damp and miserable Yorkshire!
  11. Hello I'm currently on a long term build project of my Revell Beaufighter, I was just wondering if anyone new of any aftermarket products that may be available, at the mo i'm doing the interior which is not up to much to say the least.......! The long term plan is to go the whole way with electric powerd Hercules engines. Any how any one got any ideas on products and how to go about improving the old beast?
  12. Howdy, I'm currently into a long term build on the Revell beaufighter, In the process of doing the cockpit area and I am redoing the instrument panel, Wots the best way to add dials to a blank plastic panel thats provided in the kit, I dont want to use the kit decal as i want to do a proper job but the revell panel has no raised detail, any ideas?
  13. Great conversion your doing there, I've been thinking of building a low back MkXIVe using the matchbox Mk24 with a converted Vc wing, I was just wondering about your rudder, it looks more like a MkVIII type than a XIV, it may be the angle of the photo, alittle too pointy. Mk 8,9, 12 and 16 all used a more pointed version of the original Spitfire rudder, 14, 18 and 19 used the much broader broad chord rudder which had much more of a curve on the top than the pointed late mark 9 version, I may be wrong and your rudder could be spot on, just trying to give some advice. If you do need a pic of a XIV rudder let me know and I will post one, Should look mighty fine when its done!
  14. Loic I agree with Kevin, your work really does need a thread of its own, i am only new to this forum and your work deserves to be shown on its own, very impressive if mine turns out half as good as yours i will be very happy. What mark are you going for? I can see you have added the angled tail plains of the later versions
  15. Loic Share as many pictures as you like, it would be great ot see some more of your fine work
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