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  1. I believe you are right there was a brief article in Scale Models about the kit in question, that is what alerted me and piqued my interest in the kit in the 1st place. If memory serves there was a picture of a V1 and short section of launch ramp that was/is on display at Duxford to accompany the said article Thanks for the link, when I get chance I'll have a trawl through it to see if its possible to a least get a date. Ta. Zac.
  2. I have been ordering from Tony longer than I can recall, certainly pre-internet days (mid '80s) as TJ Models then Comet Miniatures - less so as Timeless Hobbies his latest company. I don't recall he ever sold this kit, his main barra was/is sci-fi and second hand kits, he no longer sells secondhand kits that I can make out. As I mentioned up thread the only outlet I ever recall selling the Custom Miniatures (no relation to Comet Miniatures) V1 was Dorking Models, were there others? It is strange I appear one of the few to recall this kit, my hopes diminished some time a
  3. Unfortunately that is not the one. That is a nice kit (but albeit very basic in comparison to the Custom Miniatures one) however, its an IM moulded one that came quite a few years after, sans any interior detail - I think the scale is different as well. As an aside the Pegasus kit was for some reason shot in ABS not styrene. Zac.
  4. Does anybody have any info on this kit? From memory this super kit was available in the late '80s, I think via Dorking Models. It had a vacform fuselage and wings with cut aways that revealed a mainly white metal interior and an acrylic stand. I had one back in the day but it got trashed in a house move an epoch ago. I have a vain hope of sourcing another one, but I never seen one again despite intermittent searches down the years. I can't remember the scale, most likely 1:16, however, I stand to be corrected on that. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who remembers
  5. The up front capital cost increase would be gargantuan. Zac
  6. The escape 'panels' on top of the fuselage should be flush not recessed as they were weakened 'punch-out' canvas, which would have been better replicated with a decal. However, an easy enough fix with some Milliput. Absolutely, not terrible by any means and barely detracts from a truly wonderful kit, but worth mentioning all the same. Zac.
  7. Mine arrived today. I'm leaving the parcel a day before I open it. Does anyone have any interior shots of the AA machine? Zac.
  8. Ta, looks like any day now. My AA decals arrived today, that was uber quick. Zac.
  9. A real quickie, those who are UK based how long did it take to receive your kit from when you received the shipping notification? I know 'thing' are a bit up in the air at the moment but a guide time frame will be a help. Zac.
  10. Order sent for two sets. Zac.
  11. I have my dads one on the front of whatever car I for decades. Its possible to get some good repro ones too. Zac.
  12. It has a shroud around around the air intake on the front of the nacelles, I guess in an effort to get improved airflow into the engine. One can see clearly from the photos posted in this thread of G-AHKV. Not a major mod but quite noticeable. Zac.
  13. Its an escape hatch of sorts, its a thinly faired over part of the fuselage where the occupants could punch out through the fabric if the need arose. Most Rapides have one, some two. Zac.
  14. Yes please, I'd be in two for sets of AA decals. I registered on this forum so I could place my interest in these decals! The engine nacelles would have to be altered an a faired DF loop would need to be added to represent the AA machine, right? Also, I have not seen an image of the internal fit out for the AA aircraft, anyone got any they are willing to share? Zac.
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