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  1. There are some pictures of Academy's AH-1Z on facebook - profile called "Scale Navy Stuff" I rellly, really have my fingers crossed for any news on that Kittyhawk Mirage 2000...
  2. Thing with Aires is that at first glance it looks like prety much a drop-in upgrade... But it never is. Some resarch needs to be done before every purchase. In 1/48 scale fitting the cockpits in particular is a long process that requires sanding both the kit parts and resin itself to a paper thickness. Been there myself with Hasegawa's Phantom, Crusader etc. In 1/32 i'd say the problem is exact opposite: large resin parts suffer from shrink issues: Myself I had trouble with F8F cockpit floor and rear bulkhead, F-4J Phantom cockpit is also a bit short... But those problems can be worked
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