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  1. inviernos48

    TBF colors for Trumpeter 1/32 kit

    Excellent, thanks a lot LSP Ray...
  2. inviernos48

    TBF colors for Trumpeter 1/32 kit

    Thanks for your answers....Someone at Stevens International told me the numbers for colors are for Humbrol paints, something Trumpeter failed to include in the instructions. I am going to find a conversion chart to find them in Tamiya, which I prefer. Honestly, you would expect better from a company that charges up the wazoo for a kit like this.
  3. I own the Trumpeter 1/32 TBF Avenger kit. It is lacking detailed color call-outs for interior and other detail items. The model includes a sheet which gives details for painting the exterior colors and there are numbers included in the instructions which seem to indicate specific colors for various bits and pieces but there is no list of colors in the instructions. If anyone has the proper color call-outs for this kit, I would be profoundly grateful to hear from you. Perhaps if your kit has a sheet with the right colors, you could scan it and send it along? That would be very nice and much appreciated. I am eager to get at this thing but am stifled by the lack of a proper list of colors. Thanks very much to one and all.