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  1. Oh well, I already ordered AK Interactive sets for inside and out. As I say, I am living in Guatemala where there are very few resources available although a lot of people build RC and gliders. Thanks for the advice; when I am back in the USA this summer, and if this TBF doesn't make me completely insane, I will check out Mr. Color for my next build. Andrew
  2. Wow, I got the exterior set but I had no idea they have one for the interior as well. I'll be dipped. I will order it tout de suite. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hello Kevin, Thanks for our advice. I have tried doing this via the various conversion tables online but found it a bit frustrating when some of the color matches didn't seem to make sense, like a sort of burgundy color in the engine compartment and other things that didn't really work when I tried to convert to Tamiya. Maybe I should just use Gunze? Do you have experience with them? Good? Bad? I like Tamiya because it is very easy to work with and flows on with no hassles at all. Thanks again, Andrew
  4. Hello Stefan, Thanks for this very comprehensive guide to painting my TBF. Now, if only I can get the paints in time for Christmas I will have something to look forward to in the new year. Do you happen to know which of the mail order houses are quickest? As I say, I live in Guatemala and my daughter is coming from Boston on the 24th to be with us for the holidays. Happy New Year to you and to your family. Thanks again, Andrew
  5. Jari, Thanks very much for your very quick response. Unfortunately, I do not see a list of actual colors. The exterior colors are easy and I already ordered the right set from Mig Jimenez. What I need is a list of colors for the rest of the plane: the interior bits and pieces, engine, cockpit, guns, etc., etc. If you have something like that, I would appreciate it hugely. Otherwise, I will improvise with what common sense and various color depictions of the real plane show me. Still, it would be nice to have something that actually gives me a paint my numbers list of paints which Trumpeter should have included in the kit. Thanks and happy holidays to you and your family. Andrew
  6. I purchased a Trumpeter TBF Avenger in 1/32 scale but, much to my annoyance, the kit came without a list of paint colors required to finish the model. I have attempted to get help from Trumpeter but they just sent me a guide to painting the exterior, which I already have. I am wondering if anyone has a list of colors for this plane with Tamiya paint colors that they can share with me. I communicated with Stevens International, which distributes Trumpeter in the U.S., but they told me the colors referred to in the instructions are Humbrol, albeit with no names, just numbers. According to a posting on the internet from another frustrated purchaser of this kit, the references are to Gunze-Sanyo, not Humbrol. I am wondering if perhaps another member has an instruction sheet from another airplane model from Trumpeter that depicts a U.S. Navy plane from the same time period that actually has the colors described accurately. That would mean something like an F6F Hellcat or an SBD Dauntless. These are both models that Trumpeter has modeled in 1/32 so the colors would probably be exactly the same. If anyone can scan the instructions with the correct color list, and sent it to me via email, that would be a huge favor and make me a happy guy. I am living in Guatemala where there are no local hobby shops I can drop into to shop for the right paints so I need someone in the U.S. to give me a hand with this. I wrote to Trumpeter and got zero help, just a copy of a sheet depicting the external colors which I already had. Greetings to my fellow modelers from Antigua Guatemala, I place I recommend to one and all.
  7. Thanks for your answers....Someone at Stevens International told me the numbers for colors are for Humbrol paints, something Trumpeter failed to include in the instructions. I am going to find a conversion chart to find them in Tamiya, which I prefer. Honestly, you would expect better from a company that charges up the wazoo for a kit like this.
  8. I own the Trumpeter 1/32 TBF Avenger kit. It is lacking detailed color call-outs for interior and other detail items. The model includes a sheet which gives details for painting the exterior colors and there are numbers included in the instructions which seem to indicate specific colors for various bits and pieces but there is no list of colors in the instructions. If anyone has the proper color call-outs for this kit, I would be profoundly grateful to hear from you. Perhaps if your kit has a sheet with the right colors, you could scan it and send it along? That would be very nice and much appreciated. I am eager to get at this thing but am stifled by the lack of a proper list of colors. Thanks very much to one and all.
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