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  1. Hi Tony, great photo! Like the look of the Hooligans in the SEA scheme, will have to do some searching for the codes and stencilling but a great starting point. Thanks Shane
  2. Hi Barry, thanks for the feedback, seems like decals for that time/aircraft type are few and far between. Have a few F4 C/D's in the stash and hopefully be adding a few more soon so will be keeping an look out for more markings.
  3. Tony, thanks for the advice, getting a bit late here tonight so will do some research and get back to regard the offer, thanks again. The Happy Hooligan option would get me a few more points at home!!!!
  4. Thanks for the welcome Kevin nice to be here!
  5. Hi Guy's, first post on the forum and looking for some assistance!! Thanks for letting me join, have managed to boost my stash with a number of great items I have found here and some techniques and ideas picked up by reading through the forums.I have spent the last few days searching the net for some decals to the above. I have the excellent sheets from Zotz for the F4 E's but cannot find anything still in production for the F4 C/D's of the same era. I am wanting to build the Tamiya kit and have Decals for USAF ANG grey Phantoms, building a "Happy Hooligans" from 1983 out of Fargo (Caracal) my wife has an attachment to North Dakota (but from Minnesota) but would like to build a SEA scheme for the next build. Any help would be greatly received!! Thanks Heaps Shane.
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