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  1. Thanks Pete, Here ya go. Rabbit hutch done. It is just sitting there for the mo and when I wrestle it into its' final position I will make sure the closing strings conform to gravity better. I didn't get too involved here because there will be a small shed roof covering it and so it won't be seen all that much.
  2. Clumsy and Mr Joe, Thanks Gents for the kind words. Working on a rabbit hutch today and a small shed. J
  3. Joe,Dora9 and Dan man, Thanks guys for the gret words of encouragement. Dan,I am also inspired by the work you do as well bubba ! Keep on pluggin along like I do and maybe one day will will get to where we want to be ! Here are some progress pics. I got the wood chopping area almost done and Mr cat came to inspect. also got to play around with 3 different firms' take on flowers. I also installed some bushes along the road. This is a lot of fun for me and really outside my wheelhouse so I am getting a kick out of it. Thanks for looking folks, J
  4. Thanks Jim and Harv, Yes,Jim,I am going for a rural area around the border between Germany and the Netherlands circa 1815. J
  5. I severely needed a break from the daily contention and violence on the news so I took a little sidestep in my hobby. I decided to do a medium sized civilian based scene. It is fairly far along but here is a teaser.
  6. Dutik,Andy and Peter, Thanks Gents,for the excellent words of encouragement,I really appreciate it guys, J
  7. Wow,thanks all,for the extremely positive and generous comments about this old work. I really appreciate it a lot. The model airplane crowd has always been way better to me than those "other guys". LoL I am confident I will return to aircraft one day but it takes time for certain wounds to heal. On a positive note,the road didn't get plowed yesterday in time for me to make the hand-off appointment so it will be another 30 days till that happens. So Mr Bomber stays with his Dad for another month. At least he has had a bath and is very proper and tidy now. LoL J
  8. There you have it. Thanks for looking. Goodbye Mr Bomber. Enjoy your new home. J
  9. Hello gents n ladies This is a Combat Models vac it I slapped together back in around 1995 or so. Everything is scratchbuilt save the wings and fuselage. The canopy was mastered by me and vacced by Mr Karl Juelch. The figs are highly modified Airfix multi-pose 1/32 scalers. The start cart is made up but the Ketten is the antique Tamiya kit. I even made the bombs ! This is leaving me today as a gift to my cancer doc and I can't think of a better home for it. I did want to get a few last pics though and here are my humble efforts. This aircraft is supposed to represent one f
  10. Nice ! That finished well for sure. J
  11. Ahhh OK,thanks. I can be a little dense sometimes,sorry, J
  12. Great job and thanks for taking the ground level pics as well. Nice.
  13. OK,I give up. You lost me. I can't get the meaning of this one at all ? Help?
  14. Bill and Tim, Done and done, J
  15. The eagle on the left arm only and it was actually kind of rare. Even more rare were the collar tabs being work. It would be more common to see this jacket worn over the wool jacket and the collar of the wool one pulled outside the pea dot,specially for NCOs. In the BoB the WSS troops were not issued winter combat suits (although this myth continues in the modelers world) so I have seen pics of guys wearing the wool jacket with the 44 jacket overtop and then the cammo smock over top of that ! BY 1944 the decals were also rarely seen any more on helmets. They were seen yes,but not often. The
  16. I would say the size of the dots is right but also add that you need more contrast between and betwixt the colors. The darkest color was in fact dark dark green. There were variations in exact color between the factories in all 4 colors used but if you get more contrast then all of your work will stand out much more. Plus,keep in mind that you will loose even more contrast when you add the shaded areas and highlights? As an aside,be advised that there is a very cool PE set in this scale available from Alliance. J J
  17. I was also at the village back in the 1980s before the tank had a decent paint job on it. The museum was closed that day unfortunately I had to take your story down a bit but the barrel you were sitting on is actually the distal portion of a 75mm Panther main gun that was welded on well after the war. They wanted a better looking artifact I suppose. It was pretty common in Dec44 for the allies to cut the barrels off German tanks in their zones just in case the original owners got back to claim them.. Thanks so much for your very generous words of praise though. J
  18. Last time I tried to get a build on features over there the reception was not all that welcoming. J
  19. Thanks Bill,long time no see, J
  20. Thanks again guys,you really made my morning ! I appreciate your very kind words,one and all. Harv,I am already famous as far as my dogs go ! LoL They just about cheer when ever I come home. Joe,I have several dios in mind for aircraft related topics,including my P-38 I began many moons ago. Time has to heal the wounds of my dissapointment over my resin business though before I can get back to building any airplane stuff. J
  21. Cool project ! I didn't know this big scale kit was available. J
  22. Good idea ! If only I was a good photographer
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