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    Aircarft, Trains, Cars. anything old really that requires a bit of effort to make work
  1. I'll follow this thread with some interest as I have the Revell version of the kit that I've been converting to a Queen Bee but I've become stuck on the layout for the struts for the floats as, from the photos I've seen, they are a different layout from the civilian float version parts that are included in the kit. I hadn't realised about the lower wing problems but it's a bit late now.
  2. I've been in the process of building Revell's 1/32 Tiger Moth (ex Matchbox) as a DH 82 Queen Bee. I've got all the main bits modified, fuselage, fuel tank and rear cockpit filled in but I've hit a bit of a stumbling block on the floats, especially the struts between the floats and to the fuselage. I only have a few photos of Queen Bee's and know the position of the struts is different from the civilian floatplane version in the kit so I'm looking for plans that show where the struts were positioned and how far apart the floats were placed. I'm using the exisiting kit floats with a bit of modification, they probably are not accurate for a Queen Bee but I've not had any luck finding alternatives
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