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  1. Well as you guys can see...I lost my MOJO with this build. If I had everything to start my MH-60S build, I would have put this kit on hold...but I do not. SO....I started the construction again. This time I started the main rotor and its parts: After painting the parts with Flat Black, I then started dry brushing the parts with white: Then I started to put the main rotor part together: I am still not done with the main rotor parts. I started the main rotor assembly and put it together on the roof: And now the main rotor parts are together (not all of them) next to the part that the main rotor will connect to: That is all that I have done so far.....I have to get my MOJO BACK! Richard
  2. Now I was about to say F*&K the Kiowa....... , and putting the kit in its box for another day. But, I grabbed a Heineken and took some time away from the kit, and then I got back into it. I am not a quitter......lol. So then I glued the IP, the cyclics and the glare shield to the cockpit and it turned out alright. Now I remember what Floyd wrote on the Kiowa and he recommended that we put the glare shield in after we put the cockpit into the fuselage, or we will have some problems with the windshield. To tell you the truth, I FORGOT that fact....... ! SO I decided to test the cockpit in the fuselage to see if I will have any problems with the windshield. There was no windshield problems But I can see why Floyd talked about the glare shield and the windshield because if I had it one cm to the left, I would have had problems with it. But now looking at the cockpit thru the windshield, I will need to cover up the extra weight that I had added to the middle console because you can see the weight thru the windshield. I will cover it up with some card and paint it black so you cannot see it. More tomorrow. Richard
  3. Just some small updates. I finished my tarmac for the Kiowa and I think that it looks alright: Then I started on detaling my engine, it is nowhere near done but I wanted to post some pictures of the engine and the steps on detailing the engine: I first started to paint the engine the way that it was suppose to be painted and not all silver. Now I took some creative license and I put a small sapre piece to the engine. I attached the small part to the engine so when I put my wire or cables they will have something to attach to. I also put some black pigment to the engine so the engine look used. It is nowhere near done yet, I just wanted to post some pictures to let you know that I have been working on the Kiowa, even though is has been slow. it is my first attempt to detail a engine so I am hoping that it will turn out alright. Richard
  4. So in my haste of painting the engine, I decided to redo the engine and it's department that it is housed in. Because I painted the engine all silver (mistake) I made it a little difficult for me (as usual). So I started to mask the engine using Fasmask: I use to use this product when I raced RC cars and I would mask the body to paint it. You can purchase this product at any hobby store and this is the second bottle that I have used over 7 years. It only cost about $10.99 and it will last you a lifetime. I always refer to use this product over anything else. So I masked the engine so I would not go over the silver that I painted: When it cured I painted the engine a gold color. You may not see the gold all that well because of the light. Now I didn't have any gold because I really don't like airbrushing gold, so I used some Create/FX gold in a bottle (Which I use GREAT to brush) and added some enamel to it, (about 50/50) and then I painted some of the engine gold. Then I used Vallejo black and white to make a light grey and painted the back part of the engine that color. And I used Vallejo off white to paint the bottom of the starter (I think that is what it is called). Then I repainted the engine department interior green and the back of the roof fairing silver and the back side of the department silver. I followed another person build (which I shouldn't do) and painted the engine department yellow zinc chromate, But looking at a reference picture that Rotorwash sent me, the engine department is interior green. So I painted the engine department the same color. More tomorrow. Richard
  5. So I went thru some surgery today. Not on me but the Kiowa......lol I removed the fairing above the cockpit and got it ready for the new fairing. One of the things that I did not purchase was the Kiowa exterior kit from Floyd. It was not because I did not want it, but right now I cannot afford it until the end of next month. I made a promise to my wife that I would save money so we can purchase cruise tickets to Alaska. And you know the saying.....happy wife equals happy life, and the most important thing.......peace and quiet!!!!!!......lol Now even though I cannot stand when a kit has me remove anything from the model (look at my black hawk and you will see), this time I used a scriber and scribe it down to the point where everything just feel off. Now one of the things that was included with the kit, it gave me new resin doors to replace the kit doors that was the avionics doors, BUT I will never understand this. The resin doors that was included with the kit, it comes in two pieces: Is there a reason why they made it two parts? Now I have to glue the parts together and because they are never the right shape, when I glue them together, I will have to add filler to cover up the gaps between the two pieces, and then sand them and lose some of the rivet details that are on them. They couldn't have made it one piece? That is the reason why I will always love Tamiya kits, In Tamiya kits, they would have matched up perfectly. Oh well, what is a modeller to do except to push on.......lol. Now I have done the roof to the cabin area which is also the engine department. So I just wanted to see how the new fairing would match up to the roof area when everything has been painted, and it came out looking good. I used yellow zinc chromate to the engine department and the other side that you cannot see, I used flat black. Now I have to add a Black wash to the engine department to make it looked used. Then I painted my engine and all the parts to the engine in Alclad gloss black and then used Alclad White aluminum over the gloss black. The only thing I did was painted them. I still have to add more color to the engine and wash the engine parts with black. Now this is interesting. First time that I dealt with skids.....so I cut the 3 parts from the sprue and then sanded them and glued them together. When I put the skids on the desk, they were all wobbled. because I use Model Master liquid cement, it gave me time to take the skids apart and them glue them so when I put the skids down on my desk, they were all together and not wobbly. But I still have a lot of work to do on the skids. I have to remove the seams on the skids and put some filler on the skids where I glued them together so they will look like one piece instead of two. I hope that I am explaining this correct. The last thing I did tonight was attached the grill to the roof fairing......did I tell you guys how much I hate PE parts? ......lol That is all for tonight, I will work some more on the engine tomorrow. On my computer that died were my reference pictures that I had collected on the Kiowa, so I put them in drop box but I have not put them on my spare computer (my wife's laptop, it is a Alienware laptop that she uses to run her SIms) so I have to ask her permission. But I don't blame her because she spent over $4000 on her laptop.....and no one is allowed to touch it......lol More updates tomorrow.....if I can get to her laptop......lol Richard
  6. Then I wanted to see how the cabin area would fit inside of the fuselage area: Then the front windshield and the glare shield: And while looking at the kit wit the cabin inside of the fuselage, something told me it was a tail sitter so I added some weight to the front area to the only place that I could find: More updates later: Richard
  7. So I am on my wife's computer. I did some work on the Kiowa. I have added the collectives to the helicopter and rudder petals. Then I added the middle console to the helicopter and painted the rudder petals. Then I added the seats to the helicopter. Richard
  8. Thanks for the pictures of the helmets and the pilots. My computer broke today, so it will be a little while before any updates will come through. But I will use my wife's computer to add to the posting. Thanks Oliver Richard
  9. On the opposite side that the fire extinguisher lies on, I added some boxes to the roof section. On the Kiowa that I am looking at, It had some boxes in the upper roof area: So i tried to replicate these boxes on my build: I think it looks alright. Richard
  10. So the lamp above the map holder broke last night while I was attaching the cord to it. So I started over with the lamp and removed it. I will build the lamp in a little while. So I attached the fire extinguisher to the cockpit, and then I placed the lamp wire to its place: I will build the lamp and then attach it to its wire in a little while. Richard
  11. Thanks for the pictures, I will order some of the helmets from Reedoak.com and I will wait until you show pictures of the pilots. I don't have the cash to order anything else until my next payday... my wife has laid down the law......lol. Richard
  12. I finish my collective and the cyclics: Then I started working on the cockpit wiring in the upper middle console near the fire extinguisher: And the lamp that I built above the map holder in the middle. More updates later. Richard
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