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  1. Thanks Out2gtcha , right now I have no camera so Ill try to post Photos as soon as I get one .
  2. Wow its been 5 years since I have looked on this site ! I have started this proiect again . I just have to remember how to upload photos again . There will be some updates soon . Hope all my friends on this forum are well ! Willi
  3. Its been a while since posted but I would try Artist oil paints instead of decals . you would have a lot of fun doing it go to u-tube and watch how its done . decal wood grain looks ok on 1/48 but the 1/32 planes not as nice . Willi
  4. your interior looks very nice . agree the oxygen bottles should be blue .
  5. Hi guys , This project is stalled till I can track down some micro tubing in the .04mm range. I usually order from JB Models but have no response for the last month ! Any Ideas ? Thanks , Willi
  6. Nice work ! have fun with this kit Willi
  7. I saw your post , I was going to ask how the parts fit . looks great what you have done . Willi
  8. Thanks Harvey, Had to hide this from my wife ! I`m glad I got home first . If it rains this weekend might have to start work on it , Kind of stalled on my other builds till I find some .04mm micro tubing for rigging the WW1 aircraft . Willi
  9. Hi , It`s been a while since I posted any thing . This is what was at my doorstep when I got home from Work . It`s in a nice big box with tons of parts . All the parts look great . I`ll probably do this one OOB . I first have to finish the Endecker EIII and Sopwith Tripe unless I weaken just looking at the box in the model room . By the way the bonus pilot and landing lights are awesome . It was well worth waiting a year for this kit . One of my favorate German Aircraft . Thanks ZM for doing a great job on the kit. Well worth the 212.oo dollars I spent. Hope to start this soon , Willi
  10. All I can say is AWESOME!!!!! Can`t wait for my ZM to arrive at my door step Willi
  11. Hi Harvey, With a dremal tool and toothpick with a 1mm disk of sandpaper glued to tip with CA glue .
  12. Today` update: I got all the metal work done and the Taurus engine is installed Here`s a few photo`s Thanks, Willi
  13. Today`s update , I went over the wings and fuselage with a 50/50 mix of white and German grey till I got the finish coat I liked .the fuselage got a few light coats of smoke to get the stained look that is seen on some of the photos of the real Fokker EIII. The decals went on with no problems .On the wings I used a mix of water and white glue before placing the large decals . Today I finish placing the bare metal foil on the front office of the fuselage . After the foil is on for a few days the next step is to finish the jeweling . Well that`s it for now , Willi
  14. This weeks update . It`s been a while since I have done anything on the Fokker . I`m using Tamyia X-22 for my A/C . I did a 50/50 mix of white and German gray which I used as the base coat . Then taped up the wings and fuselage which got a coat of black sprayed over all the taped areas . Then the area between the taped area got a coat of German Gray. That`s as far as I got today . when dry the whole A/C will get light coats of the 50/50 mix of German gray. I`m hoping this will work,with some of the frame work showing through. Willi
  15. More Progress: I have decided to do the captured Sopwith Triplane that`s in the WNW`s kit . More to come soon , Willi
  16. Thanks for all the replies , I just have not had time to do any work on the models ! I`m hoping to get back to building very soon , Willi
  17. Thanks Peter and Dwight Well this is not the nice WNW`s kit , but I`m doing the best I can with the Roden kit . I made the resin seat cushion and put the IP panel into the A/C today . I`m just waiting for the seat belts I ordered to arrive in the mail. Thanks for looking , Willi
  18. Thanks Tim , I did some work on the wood graining of the struts .I just have to add black paint to the brackets . The fuselage I ordered are a big improvement from the original . It`s 6mm longer . I added the bracing wire . Today I glued the fuselage together and glued the bottom wings to the fuselage . I still have to add the seat cushion and seat belts . Well that`s all for now!. Willi
  19. Thanks Maru5, I finally started the process of closing up the fuselage . I added the HGW seat belts . More to come soon . Willi
  20. Thanks Peter for your kind words. I bet the WNW Tripe is easier to build ! Willi
  21. I added the cables to the floor boards ,Not too happy with the results . I used wire which probably was not the best choice. Next time I`ll use mono ! Most wont be seen with the small cockpit , Thanks ,Willi
  22. Fit the Taurus engine into a thinned down cowling .It`s only dry fit till I get the fuselage done . Willi
  23. Hi Dave , Yes the spark plugs are easy to make with the tubing and the VectorCut nuts you can make lots of spark plugs in an evening . I still like the Taurus Models spark plugs ,but if they are hidden then you are better off making your own . As you can see I put the cowling together and not too much of the engine can be seen . I started work on the interior of the Sopwith by adding bracing wire and adding the pulley for the elevator control . The only addition to the IP is decals and clear rod to the pulsameter (lower left ) . The decals are from the 1/48th Airscale WW1 set . I always thought they where to big for 1/48th ! Thanks , Willi
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