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  1. it would be cool if you can post those pic here also
  2. Hello . I have this kit given to me a year ago . only problem is that two clear parts where broken . Part 24 and 25 . does anyone know how I can get replacement parts ? I tried Trumpeter site but dosent work . any ideas ? Thanks
  3. Good afternoon . Does any one make custom Masks . I need some masks for a 1/18 Fw190 . Going to do a JG1 black and white stripe A-7 number yellow 6 0utlined in black. The one on the 1/48th decal sheet EC#6 from eagle cals .
  4. Nice work . Love to see this project .
  5. Thanks for the info , I got the hobby boss 1/18 fw190 and going to back date it to a JG1 A-5 . hope the cockpit fits .
  6. hello checked out what you said about posting photos .its not like the good old days . Guess I wont be doing builds on this site anymore :(.
  7. Hi . Yes Thank you Im staying indoors and only go out for food (two week supply ) I have a 1/8 Fw190 and find that no one makes parts for those models .Interior is where most of the work would be . Im interested to see how you are going to do this project . I like to know how do you post Pics ? I had the good old Photobucket. Have not don't it in years . Can you explain how you do it? Stay safe Willi
  8. true but if you read that he was going to visit his friend that had the virus . I could not say nothing . could have saved his live !
  9. yeah I get that a t times .But with out the swastika the plane does not look right .
  10. What in the world is a politically correct luftwaffe aircraft ?
  11. I was a respiratory therapist and I have first hand proof from my friends who work in the hospitals in Miami and my daughter that's in law enforcement that is seeing it first hand . but you don't have to believe me .
  12. do not go ! this is not a flu . You can die if you get it . If he gets short of breath he needs to call 911 or doctor ! you can have no contact at all , no one has immunity to this . It can kill you or you can infect your loved one . what they don't tell you on TV is that if it gets bad and you cant breathe its because it s ARDS acute respiratory destress syndrome only 20% of people that go on a respirator live .
  13. Hello it`s been a very long time since I have posted or added photos to LPS . Photobucket totally sucks . Is there any other site that is easy to use ? thanks for any comments
  14. nice project Im 90% done with my 190 C V18 . due to this virus . I used a mix of Tamiya 40%XF-22 RLM gray ,40% XF-49 ,20% white color looks close to RLM02 . the bottom of the right aileron looks like RLM 76 . I started my project on here years ago but photoshop blocked out all pic, s of my build . Im going to start posting pics as soon as I can figure out how to do it again. Good luck on your project .
  15. Thanks Out2gtcha , right now I have no camera so Ill try to post Photos as soon as I get one .
  16. Wow its been 5 years since I have looked on this site ! I have started this proiect again . I just have to remember how to upload photos again . There will be some updates soon . Hope all my friends on this forum are well ! Willi
  17. your interior looks very nice . agree the oxygen bottles should be blue .
  18. Hi guys , This project is stalled till I can track down some micro tubing in the .04mm range. I usually order from JB Models but have no response for the last month ! Any Ideas ? Thanks , Willi
  19. Nice work ! have fun with this kit Willi
  20. I saw your post , I was going to ask how the parts fit . looks great what you have done . Willi
  21. Thanks Harvey, Had to hide this from my wife ! I`m glad I got home first . If it rains this weekend might have to start work on it , Kind of stalled on my other builds till I find some .04mm micro tubing for rigging the WW1 aircraft . Willi
  22. Hi , It`s been a while since I posted any thing . This is what was at my doorstep when I got home from Work . It`s in a nice big box with tons of parts . All the parts look great . I`ll probably do this one OOB . I first have to finish the Endecker EIII and Sopwith Tripe unless I weaken just looking at the box in the model room . By the way the bonus pilot and landing lights are awesome . It was well worth waiting a year for this kit . One of my favorate German Aircraft . Thanks ZM for doing a great job on the kit. Well worth the 212.oo dollars I spent. Hope to start this soon , Willi
  23. All I can say is AWESOME!!!!! Can`t wait for my ZM to arrive at my door step Willi
  24. Hi Harvey, With a dremal tool and toothpick with a 1mm disk of sandpaper glued to tip with CA glue .
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