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  1. Hi, geedubelyer Thanks for your comment. Actually, I have spent almost 2 months for the Nose Landing Gears...Oh, My Goodness... but simply it is fun to me. Hi, MARU5137 Again thanks for your warm comment. Your comments, Guys, keep me going ahead on my project! Here goes a small update on my Nose Landing Gear building. I have built the Mud Guard three time. The first one was went to a dump site, the second one could not obtain the allignment. Now I am satisfied with the thrid one. I this time firstly built tooling jigs to secure the allignment of the parts such as mud guard plate, bolts running through the 4 piece mud plates. Finally, I have added some rivets on it. I think that I have finished Mud Guard section. The gap between the edge of Mud guard and tire itself on my Su-33 seems to be too distant, comparing the actual Su-33. I did it so that I can glue after painting the tires. No way to accept it. Let's enjoy modelling!
  2. Hi, TaffyMan Thanks for your warm comment. I have been keeping with my beast. Here is an update of the Nose Landing Gear. I am building the Mud Guard. I have not yet finished it. Follwing pictures are "before glue" status, i.e. check and review stage... After positioning the Mud Guard I will add such details as revets, bars etc. Then, add the plumbings and wirings, which will be a great fun to me. Please enjoy!
  3. MARU5137 Thanks for your commnets. Typical Japanese loves the "small world". Re: Nose Landing Gear modification I have checked all reference materials to find that the Nose Gear wheel rims are same as those of F-14s. The size matches, the numbers of the bolts shown on the surface is the same(I counted both), ironically. I used the Wheeliant F-14 wheel set for Su-33. The next matter is the tire itself. The size of Su-33 Nose Landing Gear seems to be smaller than those of Su-30MKK a little bit. I checked the size of 1/48 Mig-29 Main gear Wheels. Surprisingly, the diameter, thickness seems to match. So, I decided to combine the wheels rims from F-14s with Mig-29 Main tires. It took almost one month to find the fact. I spent whole one month to do "try and errors"... The next step is modifying the Gears. As for oleo, I used 3.1mm diameter SUS tubing. I reduced diameter of the kit provided bottom details to fit the SUS tubing. I am working with the "support plate basis" for the Mud guard provided rear section of the Nose Landing Gear. Current status of Su-33 Nose Landing Gear ia shown as above. So far, I have been satisfied with its result but am not satisfied with the fact that it takes too much time...
  4. My building pace has been slowed down, since I am a little bit tired of this fierce bird... Recently Hasegawa has release 72nd scale Su-33. This is a good "Master" for me to scratchbuilding my 32nd Sea Flanker. Currently, I simultaniously started 72nd Su-33. I have just finished cockit. I have used Aires 72nd resin pit as I did for 32nd Su-33. The details of Aires pit are always excellent but paiting the pit was a little bit challenging for me... They were too small. I am now returing to my big Su-33 and currently scratchbuilding the nose landing gear details, which can be uploaded soon(I hope). Please enjoy modeling, Fellas!
  5. Hello, Berry Thanks for your comment. My pace of building Su-33 has been delaying due to the current Japanese weather, say, Rainy season. Everyting here in Japan is all wet including my motive... In the meantime, I have used this book as a reference material. I checked the drawing(there are 1/100 drawing in it) to find that there is no Su-37 drawings. I will check other materials I have. Hello,scvrobeson Again thanks for your warm comments. Currently, I have tired of building(consentrating with) Su-33. Damm!, the modification of the main wing is a nightmere for me!. I will try to keep my motivation as high as possible. Hello, Christian, Again thanks for your comment. The below pictures show the current status of main wing modification. I have already cut out the flaps, flaperons. I intend to make my Su-33 moving surfaces down configulations. I tentativaly set the enlarged main wings with the fuselarge. Delicate setting with much more puttying, sanding will be anticipated. I will start constructing the such control surfaces as flaps, flaperons, which will make me feel confortabley. Again, enlarging the main wings are the nightmere for me. Actually, it took almost 1 month!
  6. Re: Wing enlargement for Su-33 from original Su-27B The another headached part for the Su-33 modification from SU-27B is main wings. The Su-33 wings have been enlarged for the aircraft use. I have put 1mm thick plactic plates in the center of the wings. Then, I refill the original revets using by black colored instant glue so that I can identify easily if the revet holes have been refilled smoothly. To the the truth, the work of enlargement of the wings were tough job, very difficult, almost "soshel c uma"(in Russian I was crazy at that time). I will sand the excess parts of the instant glue and rescribe the panel lines.
  7. Hi, LSP_Keith-san, Thanks for your kind assistance. I am still struggling with this monster. I will keep you updated. Hi,LSP_Kevin-san, Thanks. I will enjoy my modeling with you, Folks! Hi, TaffyMan, Spacibochiki! I am currently again struggling with main wings of Sea Flanker... I will update of my current status soon. Hi, Specter1075 I really await the new tooled Su-33 in 32nd scale. While, Korean resin company has just released conversion set for Su-33 in 48nd scale(for the Academy kit). I really love that. Hi, scvrobeson Thanks for warm comment on my project. I will try my best to reach to the "goal". Hi, Brain@Fishermodels, You here??? Please seriously consider to release from you the conversion set in 32nd scale from Su-27B to Su-33. Hi, harvey, The ZACTOMODEL Airintake is awesome! I love them. But sensitive work is required. Anyway, thanks for comment.
  8. Hello Folks, I am a Japanese Modeler and have an keen interest in Russian aviation, especially Naval aviation. I have deceded to start 32nd scale Su-33 converted from the Trumpeter Su-27B. Following pictures depict updated status of my project. I am seriously afraid that I will not be able to finish construction by Oct.15th...but I will try my best. Overall image of my beloved Su-33 is as above. I have used tons of resin,stylenes... Cockpit parts I have used are from Aires. Those parts are excellent. Also I have used Aires wheel bays. Again, it is awesome! Canard section has been made from scratch. I have not yet finished the section. I will keep posted. Happy modelling, folks!
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