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  1. great work so far! do you have a proper windscreen for it (one without the frame on the side window)?
  2. Thanks Martin! It's always cool when there's more to the story than just an aircraft to build. Pretty cool that the two fella's were able to become life long friends once they found out about each other. Yeah, sorry about that Tomek. Once I had the incident with the windscreen, my inclination to do in depth In Progress shots went right out the window. Once I finally got my mojo back on this one, I only had about a week to get it done (for a GB on ARC), so then too, no time to do the progress shots. Anyhow, to answer what I think is your question, after applying the base coats, each color was treated to a rock salt application, followed by varied colors of the base coats, starting darker, working towards lighter. The extra fading on the fabric surfaces was just done by using a very lightened and thinned version of the base colors. No pastels or pigments were used in the weathering except on the exhausts. I did do a bit of dot filtering on the upper wing roots. Hope that answers your question. Hey Thanks, your's foiled P-40 was quite amazing as well! Thanks Thomas! Doing macro shots can certainly show you things the naked eye can often miss. I suppose all that extra time fretting over making sure everything is perfect before starting paint paid off. I often feel like I'll never get to the paint stage, as I'm always finding something else that needs perfecting. Thank you Mark! Thank so much Ads, next I need to finish up a couple armor pieces for review builds, then I may well get back to a Ki-84 build with aftermarket goodies I started back in March 2010. Unfortunately it's 1/48, so can't be posted here. Much appreciated Ron! Glad you like it Ray! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Always nice to get an "atta boy!"!
  3. Thanks guys! The color variation was achieved by spraying slightly darker & lighter shades of the base colors over salt (think of the salt chipping effect). Also a grime coat was used in the same manner. The salts were moved around between each color variation.
  4. Thanks Kevin & Grant! The build did indeed present some challenges, but in the end it was all worth it I suppose. Full group of pics posted to RFI.
  5. A friend of mine built this aircraft many years ago (1972) from the Revell kit, and hand painted the nose art. Last year he decided he wanted to build it again, only better. So after accumulating decals, the kit, and some aftermarket, he was ready to start on it, only to be halted by medical difficulties. I told him it would be my pleasure and an honor to build it for him. So, here it is. The aircraft depicted is a Kittyhawk Mk.IA, Piloted by Squadron C/O Major D.B Hauptfleish, 2Sqn, EV421, 1943. Usually mistakenly referred to as a P-40K, serial number research and P-40 expert Terry McGrady confirm this aircraft was in fact a Kittyhawk Mk.IA or US equivalent P-40E1. Also usually gotten wrong is the registration number, commonly said to be EW421, when it was actually EV421. These decals got it wrong too, but due to time constraints and considering most of the "W" is covered by the large DB (or H on the other side), I decided not to correct this issue. Full build thread can be viewed here. On to the pics:
  6. This work was done back in late April/ early May. At that point, I had some issues getting the new windscreen to blend in as good as I wanted with the rest of the aircraft, and because of that it sat for a while. Unfortunately, these are the last of any "in-progress" photos I took. The plane is now done, I'll be posting completed pics here VERY soon!
  7. Thanks Kev! It's far easier for me to do it this way. For one, I post to several sites, not all of which are in BBcode, so simply pasting image tags is alot easier. Also, it's alot easier to write and point to things I'm talking about in the pics than it is to try to just describe it in text below the posted pics. I'm not too worried about Google finding my builds, and I don't think the blind will get much from it either way. Thanks though, never would've thought about that aspect of it.
  8. And here's the latest update and where I'm at now. There's a bit of progress shots that I've held back that show the exterior paint weathering process, which I'll post once I'm more ready for a final reveal.
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