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  1. Looks super, Andy! I'll bet that was a fun change from the usual tedious masking and spraying Peter
  2. Looks spot on so far . Judging from the weather conditions in many of the photos in the Romanian Hs 129 book, you'll probably want to add some dirt and mud too. I would imagine the temporary white paint got pretty worn and grungy in a hurry. Peter
  3. Yup, I can see it either solid or splintered, depending on the photo and my inclination at the time . An RLM 70/71 splinter is quite low contrast in any case. I've not seen a photo where I could tell that former Luftwaffe markings were painted out and replaced with Michael's Crosses, so it may very well be that the entire topsides were repainted. Peter
  4. Apparently there's some uncertainty about that. Radu's decal notes say that the Germans had delivered other aircraft to Romania in solid upper colors rather than splinter patterns, and that photos of Romanian Hs 129s appear to show a solid color. He says it could be either RLM 70 or 71. Of course, if you do the white distemper scheme, what's underneath will not be very noticeable anyway! Sorry to be dense, but who is Pastor John? Peter
  5. Looks great, Andy! Your build will be a great help when I start mine. The more I see of your build, the farther up the pile my kit floats. Radu's decal instructions say that the white distemper was painted with a 20cm distemper brush, which scales out to 1/4" in 1/32. I've never heard of a "distemper brush" before, but having been a USAF aircraft maintainer, I can picture some poor private being reamed out by an NCO for using the wrong kind of brush to paint the distemper Peter
  6. You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din! Peter
  7. Radu has the 1/32 Romanian decals up on his site. Romanian Hs 129 decals I've already placed my order Peter
  8. Looks great, Andy. I can't wait to see some color on it. Peter
  9. Excellent! I'll be watching for them. Peter
  10. Radu, are you going to make Romanian decals for this? Peter
  11. That's a great looking cockpit, Andy . Good point about the shoulder belts. I've got a set of Radu's Luftwaffe seatbelts, so I'll have to see if they'll reach. My '129 arrived for Christmas, so I'll be paying close attention to your excellent build. I'm also considering building mine with the seatback tilted back against the rear bulkhead, as it would be before the pilot got in. It'll look a bit different than all the rest, as well as showing off the cockpit detail better. Like you, I'll be building a Romanian version. My maternal grandparents emigrated from the Transylvania region of Romania to the USA. Get to work, Radu, we need those Romanian markings Peter
  12. I've just received my copy of the book, and it's excellent. It has great photos for modelers, and the captions make interesting reading as well. Now I'm just waiting for the kit to be available on this side of the pond. Peter
  13. I'll echo what Radu says about tight tolerances after building the Ho 229. Like Wingnut Wings kits, all the mating surfaces have to be cleaned of any sprue gate stubs, flash or paint and test-fitted multiple times to ensure that everything fits. With the Horten, I found that test-fitting several steps in advance helped to minimize any problems, since sometimes a slight mis-alignment wouldn't show up until two or three steps later. But in the end, everything went together perfectly. Peter
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