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  1. According to MiniArt's website, the kit is now available. New MiniArt’s Kits Available May 2019 I've yet to see one on eBay or anywhere else though. Peter
  2. Great job and exceptional bare metal, Eric! I'll be trying out your technique on mine . Peter
  3. I just returned from a visit to the National Museum of the USAF, and after seeing the real X-1B, I'm going to have to get the kit . Does the kit have the reaction control nozzles and the wooden wedges added to the ailerons in the plane's final configuration? It doesn't appear to have them in the photos of the parts. Thanks! Peter
  4. I hate to whine , but I'm getting a 404 on the Gee Bee link: http://www.largescaleplanes.com/whatsnew/R...Bee/GeeBee.html I love the 404 page! Being a long-time IT guy, I'm pretty sure it's reason #4 Don't you hate it when your web pages go on back order? Peter
  5. Yes, it is. However, on mine the colored instrument bezels are slightly off-register, so they'll need to be repainted. Peter
  6. I've got that set. It's very nice, with both resin parts and PE. The resin casting is quite well done, with no problems that I can see. Photos of the parts and the instructions are shown on CMK's site, here: http://www.cmkkits.com/en/detail-sets-acce...-for-trumpeter/ I'm converting my 262B-1a/U1 into the B-1a trainer version, so I'll replace the night fighter rear cockpit with the CMK set. Peter
  7. Aeropoxy, Have you contacted MDC? They should replace the part for you. Peter
  8. Sorry, Jeff, you're out of luck. There's only one sister, and she's already taken too Peter
  9. Ah, the smell of fresh resin in the morning I'm finally getting around to fondling the kit. It's been hard to resist, but I really want to finish my Revell He 162 first. If I put it aside for the 234, I'll never finish it. Now that the 162 is in the paint shop, I can start drooling over the 234. The kit appears to be in perfect condition, with no problems that I've found so far. Hopefully today I'll get it totally inventoried and examine each bit to make sure. The clear parts are perfect, and came packed in a separate box to protect them. So far, so good! I'll let you know if I find any problems, but at this point I don't expect any. Peter
  10. Finished! I did not accent the control surfaces, since they're quite boldly scribed and show up well under ambient light. This flight is early in the X-1 program, so I added only light weathering, mostly to the landing gears and around access panels. The white area represents frost that formed adjacent to the LOX tank. The frost encircled the fuselage when the tank was full, and often did not completely melt until after the aircraft landed. I would have liked a more feathered edge, but it's not bad for a first attempt. This didn't end up being the quick build I thought it would be, but it was fun. I guess it wasn't really that long. I spent a week waiting for the pumpkin colored paint, since there aren't any LHSs that carry Polly Scale. Then came the ice storm, and my mother had to move in with us for 6 days till her power came back on. Without those minor interruptions, it would've been a 2-week build instead of a month Peter
  11. That would be me... my first group build, and I blew it I feel so Charlie Brown-ish. Would you be so kind as to move my X-1 from the Box Stock group build? I've just posted an update, so it's still going, slowly. Thanks! Peter
  12. Well, I guess I blew it Real life intervened, and I didn't get to the bench for several weeks. However, I'm now back at it. I've just finished decaling and flat coating. The markings represent the #2 X-1 when it made the first powered flight of the X-1 program. On 9 Dec 1946, Chalmers "Slick" Goodlin piloted 46-063 to 35,000 feet and Mach 0.75 (510mph). The orange is Polly Scale 505356 "Soviet Brown #2 ~32473", which seems to match the pumpkin color well. The decals are from Cutting Edge's X-1 sheet. I'll have to fix the Bell logo on the port side of the nose; it folded on itself, and nothing I could do would budge it. I'll either use the decal from the kit, or ALPS print a new one. Fortunately, because of my ham-handedness, I always scan a decal sheet before using it. 6063 was subsequently converted into the X-1E by NACA, and made the last flight of a first-generation X-1 on 6 Nov 1958. I've got the Cutting Edge X-1E conversion and decal to build that version also. Peter
  13. I checked about that, since it's a Christmas present, and Glyn said not to worry about it. He says MDC realizes that most modelers don't start a new project immediately, and that it will probably sit unopened for some time. If I recall, the website only says that they'll charge postage after a certain amount of time, not charge for the replacement parts. Peter
  14. The Royal Mail and USPS took their time, but the package arrived on Thursday 12/11. It was sent via AirSure, and I could track it from both websites. I'm under strict instructions not to touch it till Christmas. However, my wife didn't say anything about MRIs or CT scans Glyn has very kindly emailed me the instruction sheets for the kit, so I can drool over them. Some of the steps (especially the cockpit) are quite busy, so I'll enlarge them to make it easier to see. I also suggested that MDC include a CD of the instructions with the kit. Now to wait until 00:01 local on Christmas Peter
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