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  1. Dear Friends Really need help from you guys! Some time I saw a photo of an F-14A VF-84 Hi-Viz with paint from the bottom rather dirty. Do not find on the Internet so it can serve as a reference for my model that I'm finishing. I ask colleagues to have references of Tomcat Hi-viz (preferably the Jolly), dirty with paint, to please post pictures or sources so you can refer them. Thank you and waiting on help from teachers
  2. dear Friends I need some photos for C2 for my conversion Thanks
  3. Dear friends I need your help with the color of the AIM-54C used around the year 1991 in Tomcats aboard Ted Roosevelt (desert stron). And if they can put the source of research, I thank you in advance.
  4. Dear friends The F-15C MISP still carries the AIM-7? The brackets on the fuselage can carry the AIM-120? Or just the rails of the wings?.....................
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