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  1. Hi We are about to get the pattern for the 1927 Gloster IV. Two were sent to Venice N222 and N223. From descriptions of the race, both aircraft used the cruciform tail, and whilst we can find pictures of N222 in this configuration, we can only find the round finned version of N223. So my question is - were both aircraft the same spec or was N223 only modified after the race?
  2. HI You haven't heard much from us at Aerotech for a while as we have been waiting for ever for the 1/32nd pattern for the Spirit of St Loius ( promised very soon!) In the mean time, we are working on a continuation series of 50 only of the Supermarine S6B but based on our much improved S6. We also will be starting on the Speed Spitfire and the Piaggio P7 with another pattern maker. We have most of what we need for the Spitfire ( although any pictures are welcome) but could do with pictures and plans for the P7. Any help would be very useful. Many thanks. John Simons- Marsh Models
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