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  1. Jennings: I have two kits to build. I was pretty sure that I had ordered a set of stencils for the first one when you originally printed... checked... yes the stencils are in the box. However, it does not include the small sheet that is shown on your website. Is that an addition for this reprint, or might it have been missing from the original? I have ordered the second set... great job. Charlie
  2. WNW suggests applying a hair dryer to the decals after you have them in place. I was a bit skeptical, but WNW has never been wrong. I applied "gentle" heat from the hair dryer and the decals settled down perfectly. I did gently press excess water out before applying the heat. I used the technique on three builds so far.. including the large lozenge decals on the Fokker D.VII wings.
  3. I ordered the flat elastic thread directly from WingnutWings.. fair price, free shipping, fast service. Go for it! Regards, Charlie
  4. Tim: Well, as the kids say "my Bad!"... at least for part of my previous post. I went back and looked at your pictures, and you did indeed use some kind of hardware to simulate the attachment points for the flat rigging.... it does add significantly to the finish... So my simple question on that point is: what did you use? Thanks again... and regards again Charlie L
  5. Tim: A great looking model and a tribute to your skill and patience! I'm starting my FE 2b Late and know that the rigging will be a challenge. Yours looks great. I have the EZ Line and the flat thread is "in the mail". How did you attach the flat rigging? Did you attach directly to the attachment point, or did you try to simulate the attachment hardware itself? I sincerely hope mine bears some resemblance to yours when finished. Regards, Charlie L
  6. Tim: I understand how the round wires are attached using Bob's Buckles.. but how did you attach the flat elastic thread? Did you use the buckles, or some other method? A really great build and I appreciate your taking time to post your progress. Regards, Charlie
  7. I've removed the seam line from the rubber tires for the Tamiya Spitfire. I read a caution that they will pick up any piece of dust within miles. Yep... they do! Does anyone know if they could be treated with some kind of finish to eliminate that problem without causing the rubber to deteriorate? Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions. Charlie
  8. The instruction manual for the kit indicates that the control cable diameter for the elevators is the same (0.15mm) as the wing rigging. It seems a bit thick to my eyes.. but I am not an expert on this aircraft. Can anyone confirm, or offer an alternative size? I thank everyone in advance for reading and/or replying. Regards, Charlie
  9. Thanks for the prompt and informative replies. I finished the seat tonight and the harness makes a real difference... much more realistic and impressive than the PE! Charlie
  10. My question relates to the location for the pin and the triangular piece on the Sutton QK Harness. I am using Radu's harness. In his directions the pin is on the right belt of the harness and the triangular piece is attached to the left belt (as worn by the pilot). However, in following some of the forums, it seems like the reverse is true. Any comments would be appreciated... I am at the point in my build that I have to attach them very soon. Regards, Charlie
  11. Any update on the status of the "flap wells"? I appreciate everyone who has been contributing to this thread.. great info and even better upgrade parts! Charlie
  12. I found some photos of the T-33 wheel wells on Cybermodeler, but none of them show the port main well in any detail. I tried the Google search and found a few more, but many are of display aircraft that have seen more than their share of weathering and the wheel wells are devoid of any real color details. If anyone has a site or two where I can finish my research, I would be most appreciative. I'm using the True Details set, finished in the early 60's Zinc Chromate. Regards, and thanks again in advance. Charlie
  13. Back on page 15, William made a comment that there has been a request for flap wells to go with the flaps. Any "work in progress" on the wells, or are they just a request right now? Any estimate of an available date if in progress? Thanks... and you guys are doing a great job in making this a much better kit. Charlie
  14. Does anyone have any comments on how accurate the True Details Misawa Tanks are? I appreciate the information and pictures posted earlier in this discussion. The kit tanks do leave a bit to be desired. Thanks in advance. Charlie
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