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Books on scale plane riveting

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Hello Fellow colleagues,

I'm in search of any books that display line drawings of correct or near,rivets and panel lines on scale 1/32 or larger mostly 1/32 scale planes for that lack or don't have these details, I appreciate any suggestions where I might look at, for me its about details a great satisfaction comes with details for museum quality.

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I'm afraid you're looking after the holy grail... I do not know such series of books. Kagero made some with 1/32 plans but the accuracy of rivet lines is sometimes questionable. The only book I'm remembering with fully accurate rows of rivets is the Spitfire Mk IX/XVI from Paul Monforton and there are no 1/32 plans. There ARE accurate plans here and there but they are very rarely 1/32 ones and they are scattered through very diverse books...





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If you want accurate,  you need to work off blueprints.

This means no overall view, as that isn't how blueprints work.

Been researching 190's lately so, an example.

An upper wing skin, actually a pretty large piece of sheetmetal. 

Spanwise there are 'stringers' they seem spotwelded to me.

Lengthwise the are 'half ribs' these are riveted. 

The ribs are drilled, with holes coordinated from a datum line.

The skin is the same.

Leading edge skin, different drawing.

Hatches or ports, different drawing.

Every single bloody piece that should be riveted has a seperate drawing!

My set of drawings is nowhere near complete (and iffy quality to boot!)

To correlate this into a riveting map is quite an undertaking.

Most 3view drawings are therefore guesstimates, with exeptions here and there....

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Posted (edited)

I figure I would get a smaller scale plane and go by there layout, thanks for your thoughts and help.

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Left off the e on spelling plane
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