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Only one built TBD-1A Devastator pictures of NAS base Rhode Island station?


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 Hello aircrafters,

 Does anyone have pictures of the NAS Rhode Island base station where the only produce TBD-1A Devastator with float pontoons use for training,testing and launching torpedoes during world War two? I'm looking to build a diorama for TRUMPETER # 03233 and pictures of island base station or where I might look for any ideas thank for all that may reply? 

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My figures are fat or this smartphone doesn't type letters out properly, thank the lord for editing!
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I do believe this is the one you're looking for:




Here's a link to a good number of color photos of a model of same:




A typical scene would show the plane near the beach in the water with crew members, and you could do that without specific buildings or other structures needed.  

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