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F-14 decals - Trumpeter or Tamiya?

Dave Roof

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I guess my question is, are the kits (or at least the areas of the kit where the decals would go) *that* radically different in shape?  If so, then one of them has a bigger problem than most people realize.  If it's a matter of a millimeter or two, simply make the decal to fit the bigger one and allow the modeler to use whichever kit they want to.  If you tailor a decal to one or the other, you're going to lose half your potential customer base for a given project.  Both kits have their flaws and drawbacks, and both kits have their plus factors.  

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20 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

While I have zero interest or intention of building a 1/32 F-14 in my life, I have to say - the only thing that would require a decal to fit a specific kit is one that completely covers an edge-to-edge portion of the airframe.  About 99.999% of decals will not do that, and will thus be fine on any kit you put them on.  I can’t really think of a single F-14 decal that would require that.  

VF-111 with the suburst on the tail is one that definitely needs to be matched to a specific kit.  Not only does the leading edge and rudder trailing edge need to match, but the chord and span of the rudders too as many Carrier Air Wing codes are either on the rudder or following the slope of the rudder.  Examples are VF-1 and VF-33 and VF-142 rudder stripes.  1:48 decals sized for the Hasegawa kit won't fit the Tamiya kit - I've tried using scans of the decals.    Then there is the added consideration of the ventral fins that will probably be different in outline and are often decorated with pinstripes.

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On 1/10/2022 at 9:29 PM, Confusionreigns178 said:

Tamiya, please. Is there any chance of the temporary, Christmas Jolly Rogers skull-and-crossbones-in-a-Santa's-helper-hat set of decals? I know one of the aftermarket decal companies did it many years ago, but I've never been able to find it.





They’re not out yet, but on the BNA hobbyworld  website, those decals are a future release, I’ve been keeping a sharp eye out for them! Off the top of my head I can’t remember the company, but coming soon!

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