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Storing thinned Gunze Mr. Color and AK Real color.

Woody V

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I purchased a pack of your 20ml jars with lids and they do the job. The paint doesn't evaporate which can be a problem. However they are too small, so allow me to explain.

Both brands mentioned in the subject line come in 10ml jars.

The standard thinning ratio is 50/50 resulting in 20ml.

So far so good. 


The problem that arises is what do you do if you have, say 5ml of paint remaining in the 20ml bottle and you will need more than that to complete painting your model?

There's not enough room in the 20ml bottle to add 20ml of thinned paint.

Of course you could go through the hassle of measuring and thinning less paint but it would be so much more convenient to just thin a whole jar if there was room in the storage container.


In other words, please add 30ml storage containers just like your 20ml ones to your line of products.

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Your heading and post are confusing.  

Do you mean Mr Paint or Mr Color?


Mr Color are in 10ml bottles and need thinning.   

Mr Paint are a totally different brand and were rebranded to MRP to avoid confusion with the Mr Color range, are in 30ml bottles and do not require thinning even for fine lines.  

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  • Woody V changed the title to Storing thinned Gunze Mr. Color and AK Real color.

Mr. Vondracek,


Thanks for the email:)

I've got a huge collection of your transfers and have used them for years so thanks for such great products!


Glad the 20ml jars are working for you i.e., no evaporation, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no 30ml version available in that specific jar.

I am working on adding a 50ml version.

For a quick answer, you might try our pharmaceutical-grade 40ml storage bottles that come with mixing balls, a funnel, and a guide for marking gradations.

A pic and link are provided below.

Thanks again for the email and let me know if you have additional questions.














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