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Alternative to seemless intake  

  1. 1. Is the application of the tab a good representation of the actual plane?

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SO I seem to have run across an interesting solution to the seemless intake challenge on my F-100. I have these shots of the Thunderbirds plane at Air Force museaum in Dayton OH. They show a something that looks like a stiffener plate, I'm sure it's not, maybe just a weld backing plate, but in trying to describe it that was the best I could come up with :-) Take a look here -



Now here's what I came up with to duplicate it. I cut a 1.5mm strip out of some 0.005 sheet. I then tacked it to the top side of the intake duct and left just a tab sticking out to overlap with the lower intake duct. Snapped them together, added the Zacto intake with tape to see how it looks and I got this -



What do you think? 

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