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Painting the Zunum Prototype Model in 10 Days

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Well I've been too busy with the business, life, and painting display models of prototype, electric-hybrid, regional airliners!!


Crazy Stuff: Acrylics over Dupli-Color Lacquer primer over a 3-D printed model of a soon-to-be 1/1 scale prototype.

Although a lot of fun, I don't think I'll be doing this again any time too soon :mental:




Comments Welcome!

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Firstly CONGRATULATIONS on getting the job done with fine precision and secondly meeting the CEO of Zunum Aero.


Not everyday one gets the opportunity to do what you did for a new concept in Aviation SO well done.


:clap2: :thumbsup:


I read your "paint &build " thread in your link and goodness you were patient when the wing cracked; but you have done an AMAZING WORK ...


Painting and Decals *from Matt* looks SUPERB.


Stuka your painting et al is IMPECCABLY IMMACULATE....


Liked it... the jet design reminds ME of Honda's new Jet.


Anyway AWESOME work.


KUDOS :bow:


{So has he offered you a job there ! :) }

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Thanks for the kind comments!

Mr. Knapp was exactly what I expected from a man with multiple degrees in aeronautical engineering from MIT: intelligent, calm, and measured.

It was a real kick to work with him if only for ~10 days or so :)

I'm just glad I didn't have another issue with the model before I finished.

I was running out of both patience and energy :BANGHEAD2: 

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