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AIMS 32PE003 Luftwaffe Gun sights

Pastor John

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Hi everyone, just sending this off to the printers, 32PE003 Luftwaffe gun sights, containing 4x VE covered and 4x uncovered VE sights for MG 81 / 131, 2x V41 sights for MG FF / MF 151 , 6x MG 15 front and rear sights plus ammo and covered belt feeds for MG 81 / 131. Ideal for Ju 88 and He 111 kits  Retail £7.50. Look I know the Master products are far superior but if you loose a sight or if you are on a budget and need some gun sights this maybe is for you. Don't know why I did not do them earlier? The belt feed covers look more like USAF and indeed I hope so as you need to be able to twist them a lot to get into the shape you want. The idea being that you lay inside some rubber band, close the PE over it - twist into shape as best as possible and then coat over with thin PVA so it fills in the gaps and the PE then looks more like the ribbed effect you get on the real Luftwaffe rubberised feeds - or you just use the un-realistic ammo belts to show at least something lol! Anyway hope this helps, best wishes from your friendly ex-pastor haha


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