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1st USAFE ARN-101 F-4E


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Here is a picture of the 1st USAFE, ARN-101 modified F-4E. It was modified at Zweibrucken AB in 1979-1980 by Lear Seigler. I personally did most of the mod work in the aft cockpit and then accomplished the operational testing. As my "reward"  I was afforded the honors of riding "shotgun" on the engine runs.


The engines had been removed and "pickled" due to the duration of the mod time. About 30 seconds after this picture was snapped the entire aircraft was shrouded in white smoke from the burn off of the pickling (preservative) fluid. It was the first "green" engine run I had been on and for a moment I was awaiting the FIRE annunicator to illuminate!


The aircraft was a Hahn AB (HB) asset but when it was returned to service it was transferred to Spangdahlem AB (SP) and became member of a "Hunter, Killer" team of an F-4G and F-4E.





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Great pic and good story Barry.........Harv :thumbsup:

Thanks Harv,


Site manager shot the picture.


This will be the aircraft I will model (one day) when I build an "Arnie" F-4E.



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