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P-47 cockpit

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Hallo-i m looking to buy the CORUGATED floor as given in the P-47 s set,i guess the majority of the builds concern the latest types(non corugated floor)so the other should have stayed unused-PM me  HAYAMAN210@HOTMAIL.COM-thanks

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ok so checked and trolled through HANNANTS WEB SITE..


I don't know if this is what you need.


SO I found  Corrugated   thingy..

 I tried to link it but it wont work.


it says quote:


' Republic  P-47-D Thunderbolt cockpit set with corrugated floor{ designed to be used with Hasegawa kits },.

Manufacturer :AVIONIX..

Code Number :BLC32047

1:32 Scale.


Aircraft Detailing Sets {Resin}

price £ 32.40.


dispatched within  24/48 hours.


can be seen in their catalog.  '






IF it is not what you  need, or want and is  not suitable  then you m ight have top search internet..


Hope it helps anyway :hmmm:


MARU 5137






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Hallo-thanks for trying but waat i need is the corrugated floor from the MDC set in particular-i can buy the whole set for 40EU but i m trying to find the floor alone and avoid paying the whole set for it-the set includes 2 floors for Has kit and since only 1 version of it needs the corrugated floor the majority of the modelers who built it would have it as a late 1(non corugated)so they ll have the other spare-thanks anyway

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