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(1/24) FW190-D wheelbay pictures

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Morning guys,

                        I am building Trumpy's 1/24 FW190-D9 & wondered if anyone has any decent pictures of the main wheelbay area & the open area of the wheelbay aft of the engine (as I know there would be engine pipe work etc visible in this area) as I want to add some extra detail to this area.

I did a Google search & did find a few pictures but wondered if LSP'ers have anything that's not on the web.


On another note I've just returned yesterday from a business trip to Nagoya in Japan & found an amazing hobby store, Tam Tam I think it was called.

They had every LSP you can think of in there, ended up buying the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D for $75 including taxes as that was the only one that would fit in my suitcase.


Thanks in advance for any forthcoming pictures of the FW-D9.

Happy modelling,


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