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Bucking the trend,......not a WNW build

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Cheers Guy, brilliant idea on the magnets- I hope it works.  ----- I never even thought of magnets! :blush:



Great Ideeeer!


Ive thought of similar uses for those tam P-51 magnets myself, as Im not an open panels guy and will not be using them on my mustang build.


Thanks Frank and Brian, I appreciate the kind words. A guy called Rob (Rraab) over on ARC posted a great link.


If Tamiya don't offer the magnets seperately or we need more than we have left over, maybe those guys will have what we need. The images of the magnets on their site look exactly the same as the Tamiya version.

Guy, you work is always amazing and full of new ideas. I must keep them in mind. 



Thanks Mike, good to see you. I wish I could help you out with those Pitzmodels Su- exhausts man. Good luck with your auction.


Unfortunately I've got r/l stuff going on at the moment so my progress has been sporadic at best.

What I have managed to do is create a new "bullet" for the tip of the right empenage. The kit provides the oldest, round tipped version. The airframe that I wish to depict has a bullet with a more square profile.

While I was at it, I attempted to create the other versions of the tail bullets that appear on alternate versions of the Eagle. You never know when they might come in, right?




The one on the left or toward the rear is the kit part cut off the empennage

The next one resembles the bullet that mounts on the left hand empennage of the F-15E & I.

Third from the left (or second to the front) is the right hand style fitted to the "-E" and the "-I"

Lastly , on the right or to the front is the style that will fit my bird.

These were carved from sprue. If you have the kit, the sprue surrounding the wings and tails has a couple of lengths in just the correct diameter.


Not much to show but at least I've done something.



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