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Piper PA-20 Pacer


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Hey guys, long time no see! Life has cropped up big time lately. I still walk by my workbench daily and see all the cool projects staring back pleading for me to get back to them. I really hope I can sit down and crank a few things out soon but you probably shouldn't hold your breath... I'm getting into some fairly time consuming things, like shiny jewelry and big white dresses! :wub: Oh, and a bit of 1:1 tinkering too!

(unfortunately not all my toys)


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Isn't that too much information about your After hours LSP activities..


Very probably!! But I'm all for awkward pauses! lol


Most things have been going very well! I'm having some trouble finding a new job but so are most people these days. I havent sat down at the bench lately but I have been bringing some small kits to work and doing airframe assembly on my breaks. Its really helped me relax between all the mind numbing paperwork and wrench turning.. I'll put some things up in the non-LSP section after the paint flies.

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