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I'n in with a phantom!

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more progress I fixed the tail codes which are for Oceana btw. A big shout out to mavrick thanks Larry! I ended up using some white decal strips he sent me. The first layer was to light so I had to double them up. The yellow strip for the squadron emblem shatterd I was able to save it but it is a wrinkly fellow it is only the underlying part for a 2 part decal so I it needs some work. The yellow hammer decals are to delicate however admirably thin. OTOH they are out of business. The cam decals despite being put down on a semi gloss surface with a coat of future anyway have silvered. The attachment point on the aft canopy broke off I fixed it but decided to display with the canopy closed anyway. I am going on vacation next week I hope I can get it done by the deadline. The major construction and painting is done I need to finish decaling and touch up as well as seal it with a final coat to unify the layers of future and paint a final weathering. finish painting the canopy and oh yeah there ia an antenna I think it is the nuclear uplink antenna that needs to be installed and it is done.



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