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Future question...


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Hi folks,


I have a question if I can use future in a certain way, or if I have to go the long road...


I'm sitting over an instrument panel and want to use decals for the dials. No big deal, first coat the panel with the right colour, paint th details. shoot a layer of gloss on it and decal it then. But as most panels are flat, I definitely have to shoot another layer on it, and here is, where I'd like to hear your advise: Can I go for a layer of Future and Tamiya Flat Base and add a drop of pure Future to the dials again, or do I have to seal it with a layer of gloss first, mask the dial faces and go for the flat then? The first way would be easier, I suppose, but before I everything up, I better ask :rolleyes:

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i do it like you. First the panel, then detail painting and then a coat of FUTURE. After applying the decals, another coat of FUTURE and then the wash. After the wash is dry, i apply a coat of flat varnish. To the instrument dials i give after drying a drop of Micro Kristal Clear. A drop of FUTURE would work too i think.




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Thanks a lot, Chris. My concern was, that the flat coat could leave a milky residue, like I already experienced it with other clear coats.


...and its still not messed up, yet :lol:

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