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Found 3 results

  1. I will join this GB with the Fisher Panther. With the fatface Skyraider conversion, this is my only Fisher kit, so I will try to do it justice. I have given the entire kit a thorough cleaning of diluted bleach and will get started soon. Box shot, instruction manual and the reference material I will use. Cheers, David
  2. Just less than a year ago, I was all set to start my next project, the HKM Meteor 4 with the Fisher Model & Pattern T7 conversion kit. I thought I'd tinker with it for a while then enter it into the Multi Engine group build. Unfortunately, real life hit hard in October last year when I took my little brother off to hospital as he looked ghastly. I quickly got the news that he had terminal cancer, so modelling got hastily put aside while I looked after him and his affairs until he passed in May. I'm still trying to wrap up his estate, but at least now I can clear the modelling desk of his affairs and take up the very welcome distraction of model building again. Life sucks at times. So here's the model, which (if I don't run out of talent ) will be converted to a Mk7 Trainer. And once again, I'll have another crack at the Profimodeller engine as I wasn't entirely happy with my previous result. There will, I hope, be 2 engines this time, so fingers crossed it all goes well. I've never done a conversion like this, so wish me luck. Cheers, Michael
  3. I am building this model to honor the pilots of the Commonwealth for their efforts and sacrifice during the Korean war. The Aircraft will be WE674/105K as flown by LEUT(P) Clarkson, DFM, RAN who was killed when his aircraft failed to pull out of a dive whilst attacking enemy transport in the Han river area in Korea. Before I get started, I want to say thank you Ernie( Clunkmeister) and Ade Rowlands without whom this dream kit would never have been a reality for me. I also want to thank Jennings for helping me out so graciously with the art and side profile, Thank you J, and to Randy ( Sluggo) who is cutting my masks for me. There are plenty of reviews online about the extremely high quality of the model that Paul Fisher has created, and seeing pictures is helpful and enlightening and certainly pushed me towards wanting this kit, but having this masterpiece of resin casting in my hands has left me almost speechless, magnificent is one adjective that comes to mind. I am quite a ways into my Fisher Models Panther project and I want to get things closer to paint before I really get going on this kit, but I will begin cleaning up parts and washing everything now so that I am ready to go when the time is right. Thanks for looking in on my build,more soon! Paul
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