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Found 6 results

  1. New set out: We know Alan will be overwhelmed
  2. Hey there! We decided to work on a new line of sets for A-4 Skyhawk. The first one /which will be out in within a few weeks/ will be for Brazilian NAVY. The set is based on the successful attempt we made on a work for this project. Great work by the way, you should check it out thoroughly if you haven't already. Couple of friends, including one member of LSP expressed interest in the set and we managed to make it happen. This is what is will look like: It will feature 23 aircraft. Although no more aircraft carriers for Brazil, the plane looks very cool and with the Embraer upgrades has guaranteed future for at least another decade. Due to that, we are working on another Brazilian set and two others /Skyhawks of course/. More on those soon!
  3. Hey everybody! With the help of alaninaustria, we created a new set aimed towards Me-262 Twin seater fans. The set will feature 5 different options and the missing insignia from Revell kit. It features corrected numbers /size- and shape-wise/, various werk-numbers and it is suitable for Trumpeter and Revell 32nd scale kits. What we tried to make is the most accurate set for Me-262B, based on our own research which Alan helped us with. The set will be accompanied by a surprise announcement, shortly after its release. However, we will keep that as a little secret right till the very last moment. Stay tuned for more information and we sincerely hope that you will like it! P.S. Many thanx Alan!
  4. Hey there! This is the addition to our original Luftwaffe Me-262 B1/U1 set: This time we have 7 variants included. Allied options for RAF and USAF and two Czechoslovakian CS-92. The set features corrected hand-written words as well as proprely sized USAF insignia. There is a German cross, which can be seen on the reference photos behind the RAF roundel or USAF star. DN Models - Captured Messerschmitt Me-262B Allied Insignia & Numbers Paint Mask Set 1/32 You can click the link above for more info. As you might've seen in the other thread already, this is what you get: Hope you'll enjoy!
  5. Eagle Driver

    F-16 1/48 full build video

    Bumped onto this in YouTube: https://youtu.be/HZ6mr8wAW5E This guy did a great job with DN Models' masks. Glad to have videos like that viral. Shows how things can be done the easy way.
  6. Thanx to Starfighter Jock and Red Dog and their help this set is ready and out for sale. Hopefully soon you will see StarfighterJock using those in his project. Very beautiful camo-scheme for Tamiya 32nd scale kits. https://dnmodels.com/product/camouflage-paint-masks-for-f-16-blizzard-aggressor-132/