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Found 3 results

  1. Now that the Tornado has been sent to the display shelves, I'm going in a different direction (for me anyway). I very rarely build helicopters, 2 Lynx built in 10 years, so I thought I'd give them some rotary winged company in the form of the above mentioned. To supplement the meagre part count in the box, I've added FlightPaths detail set which comes with a bunch of PE frets to augment the airframe details, and resin cast Hellfire missiles. I know next to nothing about the ins and out of this aircraft, so I can safely say that aside from the Flightpath stuff, this is being built from the box. I imagine that it's nowhere near an accurate representation of the type, nor do I desire to try and make it so. I simply wish to build the best looking version of what's in the box that I can. To that end, my main focus will be on the paint finish and heavy weathering associated with early years Desert Storm operational era. As I like to try and do with all my models, I intend to start with the weapons, I find I lose the mojo to finish a build off if I don't get them done before building the aircraft. Strap in, it's likely to be a bumpy ride with this fantastic death dealing machine.
  2. I've just cleared the bench of a completed build, treated myself to new self healing mats, deep cleansed all my tools, brushes, airbrushes, etc. Excitedly grabbed that next box from the pile which happens to be the old Revell AH-64 Apache. Start to empty sprue bags and check out the Flightpath photoetch set. All is good until I get to the clear sprue. Yes you guessed it, its carnage in there. Bits all over the place, and THIS. https://flic.kr/p/2icFqR6 Has anyone any suggestions other than pack it away and look for another kit on eBay going cheap?
  3. Hot on the heels of the two Cobra builds, I have just finished the old Revell AH-64A in 1/32. I built it as an IAF AH-64A Peten. Let's say it is my approximation of a Peten, I certainly do not claim exact accuracy, but I tried to include the main features of the Peten: the larger sponsons with the flares dispensers, the chaff dispensers under the winglets and the droptanks which you see all the times on the IAF Helos. I used an old Verlinden detail set (where the PE was missing, bummer), the flightpath AH-64A detail set and the antenna, pitot and chain gun are from Masters. The dcals are from Sky's decals. The flightpath set is very good and worth the effort: the wheels, the hellfire and all the wire cutters (nose, wheels, underside, topside) are from the set and do make a huge difference on a kit which is a bit barren but which fits well and has great raised rivets. I am very happy with it, not perfect by any means but I hope you will enjoy it. Cheers, David
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