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Found 5 results

  1. I got this kit last year for a bargain price. It doesn't look too bad in the box, it has a full engine with it too. You can also build it as a PF or standard F, but the down side is that apart from drop tanks, there are no weapons or pylons included. You might also be able to build a PM with some small modifications, but again you need pylons and K-5 missiles. Anyways I'm not sure which I will build yet or what colourscheme, I'll give that some thought this week.
  2. https://ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=39718&page_d=0&idp_d=0&idc_d=1&show_html= Text : In HpH Models company are also working on model of MiG-23BN fighter in 1/18 scale. It will be very limited edition at the beginning of which was a order from a foreign customer.
  3. I had some old Trumpeter kits lying around, so... Some shots of what is left of a Mig 15. I did this mini-dio as a game piece so I put it here. I used the wings for another piece which I will also post later.
  4. Hi, Few days ago I finished my sixth model in 1:32 and as it was A-10 it also was a fourth plane is US markings that's why I decided to go to the east and choose one of the former USSR planes. I have Su-27 but I'm not ready to it yet, also Su-25 was not a good choose as I just finish CAS plane. So the choice was simple: MiG-23MLD. In quite a big box half of sprues is for armament - various missiles, bombs, gun pods, fuel tanks etc but MLD was an ultimate fighter so mostly air to air missiles were carried. Plane have 7 mounting points but only 4 are available as the central one and left and right ones are reserved for fuel tanks. I decide to mount 2 R-24R (1 per pylon) missiles and 4 R-60 (2 per pylon) in configuration as below: After gluing I had to sand it a little bit, rescribe some lines, paint with primer and sand a little more: In the meantime I ordered a Aires detail set (2196) http://www.aires.cz/get/image.php?object=product-photo&id=2287 And also a Pitot tube from Master, Air Scoops and Chute brake from Quickboost. Still I'm not sure about painting as Trumpeter is offering two quite interesting schemes, but in the meantime I found on the wiki interesting photo: Camo like Su-27 and idea for a base. Waiting for resin parts I'm trying to glue and prepare as many parts as I can:
  5. Hi folks, As there seems to have some interest in this project, I'm starting a thread to help the poor souls willing to get a similar result. A short summary of this project is nonetheless necessary. I was aware that the Revell kit was far from perfect and decided to avoid it for many years. The final release of the Begemot decal sheet changed my mind. So, I got the single-seater as well as the Zacto detail set (more bout this later). A quick assessment showed that the resin set was really necessary to get something looking more or less like a MIG-29A. I purchased many detail and accessory sets to help me but the problem stayed for some areas. Assessment showed that the Revell main landing gear zone was really bad and asked for complete re-construction. I realized than that the Trumpeter MIG-29M could be a source of parts and solve some problems here and there. The more I looked at both kits, the more I realized that the Revell kit had not ONE correct section, part or panel line. Nearly everything had to be replaced or corrected! The sole correct things are the general dimensions of the airframe. This made me wondering if it would not be a better idea to use the Trumpeter kit as the starting point and the Revell kit for some parts here and there. As SAS used to say: Who dares wins! So, I took the plunge! I enlarged some plans and took my best razor saws!
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